The Lurie Center at Massachusetts General Hospital provides family support services to our patients and their families.

The Lurie Center is committed to guiding and supporting the families of adults with autism spectrum (ASD) and other developmental disabilities, and the agencies that support them. Our goal is to provide optimal programming, therapies and access to quality medical care to ensure their well being throughout the lifespan.

Transition Support Services

The Lurie Center is committed to guiding families of adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum (ASD) and other developmental disabilities as they transition into adulthood and learn to navigate and access adult services in Massachusetts. Our neurodevelopmental physician identifies needs, provides recommendations and coordination of care, while our family support clinician offers information and guidance about vocational, community, legal and educational resources, as well as helps families in obtaining guardianship, accessing public benefits and related programs. The clinician helps families to organize an action plan along the transition time line (age 14-22 years).

Our family support specialist works closely with our other providers to facilitate optimal care.