We are now accepting applications for this fellowship.

Title:  Postdoctoral Fellowship in Experimental Biology and Computational Biology
Location:  Charlestown, Massachusetts, US
Employer:  The Thakurela Laboratory in the Department of Pediatrics and Lurie Center for Autism, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Contact Info:  Sudhir Thakurela, PhD


The Thakurela Laboratory in the Department of Pediatrics and Lurie Center for Autism at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Harvard Medical School (HMS) is seeking exceptional candidates in Experimental Biology and Computational Biology at the postdoctoral level to direct projects involving epigenomics of neurodevelopment and related neurological disorders. Highly qualified candidates are expected to perform epigenomic studies using neuronal differentiation system and/or patient-specific iPSC differentiation models. Candidates will have the opportunity to work in a unique translational genomics environment that integrates epigenomics, computational biology, and developmental biology in an advanced molecular genomics laboratory. The candidates will have significant independence with appointments to MGH and HMS and interact with collaborators within the broader scientific community across different institutions.

The candidates will work with cutting-edge genomic/epigenomic data sets like single-cell transcriptome sequencing, Hi-C, ATAC-seq, combinatorial single-cell assays, etc. Being part of the experimental and computational hybrid laboratory, the candidate will have an opportunity to learn analyses of high-throughput datasets or learn molecular genomic/epigenomic techniques.

A Ph.D. in neurobiology/molecular genetics/epigenetics/computational biology or similar fields and a strong publication record are required. The candidate will be expected to have experience, or high capacity to learn, mammalian cell culture, induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) modeling, and various bulk or single-cell “-omic” assays (RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq, DNA-me) and molecular genetic techniques. Candidates will also require excellent interpersonal skills to work in a highly collaborative environment across institutions. Visa sponsorship is available for Postdoctoral Fellows.

All candidates should provide an academic curriculum vitae and cover letter stating their interests and why they are suitable for the described position to Dr. Thakurela at: sudhir_thakurela@harvard.edu