Social narratives or "social stories" are tools that can help individuals with ASD to better understand what is expected in various environments. Have a look at our social narratives for a variety of common procedures you may experience when visiting the doctor's office or hospital.

Use our social narratives to help prepare for a medical appointment or procedure:

Anesthesia With a Mask (pdf)
Checking Your Height (pdf)
Checking Your Vision (pdf)
Checking Your Weight (pdf)
COVID-19 Coronavirus Toolkit (pdf)

SPANISH COVID-19 Coronavirus Toolkit (pdf)

CT  Scan IV Contrast Part 1 (pdf)
CT Scan IV Contrast Part 2 (pdf)
CT Scan Oral Contrast Part 1 Drink (pdf)
CT Scan Oral Contrast Part 2 Scan (pdf)
Drawing Blood with a Band-Aid (pdf)
Drawing Blood with Gauze (pdf)
Getting a Cast (pdf)
Getting an EKG (pdf)
Getting an IV (pdf)
Getting an MRI (pdf)
Getting an Ultrasound (pdf)
Getting an MRI with Earplugs (pdf)
Getting an MRI with Headphones and Goggles (pdf)
Getting Staples Part 1 (pdf)
Getting Staples Part 2 (pdf)
Getting Stitches Part 1 (pdf)
Getting Stitches Part 2 (pdf)
Hospital Pajamas, Adult (pdf)
Hospital Pajamas, Pediatric (pdf)
MRI IV Induction Part 1 (pdf)
MRI IV Induction Part 2 (pdf)
MRI IV Induction Part 3 (pdf)
MRI Mask Induction Part 1 (pdf)
MRI Mask Induction Part 2 (pdf)
MRI with Contrast Part 1 (pdf)
MRI with Contrast Part 2 Wand (pdf)
MRI with Contrast Part 3 Earplugs (pdf)
MRI with Contrast Part 4 Headphones (pdf)
Pulse OX Monitor (pdf)
Stitches and Staples (pdf)
Taking your Temperature (pdf)
Using a Stethoscope (pdf)
Using a Tongue Compressor (pdf)
X-Ray Lying Down (pdf)
X-Ray Standing (pdf)