Virtual Pediatric Heart Visits

Our team provides our patients Virtual Visits using video based programs over a secure Internet connection to the patient’s desk top computer, laptop or tablet.

With Virtual Visits the patient and family have a direct video appointment with their Pediatric or Fetal Cardiologist. These virtual appointments allow you to clarify treatment plans, discuss with your any new symptoms or how your child is responding to a treatment from the comfort of your home or private setting. Our Pediatric Cardiologists can examine surgical sites, show diagrams of the heart, or show medical test results directly onto your computer or tablet screen at home.

We have found that families have welcomed the convenience of these follow-up Virtual Pediatric Heart Visits to discuss and view medical test results, new symptoms, plans for cardiac catheterization or surgery or discuss how a new medication is doing. For Fetal Cardiology patients, our expectant mothers have enjoyed their ability to review diagnosis and coordinate treatment plans before the delivery of their baby without having to travel for an appointment.

Tele-Pediatric Echocardiography

MGfC Pediatric Cardiology has many physical locations across in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for the convenience of our families and to coordinate care across a broad region.

Our program also has many pediatric echocardiography (heart ultrasound) locations that allow us to coordinate, perform, and interpret echocardiograms performed in infants, children and young adults. At these sites a child can undergo an echocardiogram at these community locations during which time the images are digitally transmitted to our Pediatric Cardiology team at Mass General for Children for diagnosis. This program allows us to diagnose quickly the hearts of recently born infants in many nurseries or children in clinics or hospitals. This rapid and remote diagnostic capability allows us to direct the care of infants and children with concerns of heart conditions. Our wide-ranging presence allows us to make diagnoses within the community often without the need for hospital transfer or visit in Boston. We work with your doctor to ensure this is a good option for you.