How Do Doctors Diagnose Cirrhosis?

There are many tests to diagnose cirrhosis. One of these tests is a liver biopsy. This is when a doctor takes a small sample of your child’s liver and checks it for signs of scarring under a microscope.

After the doctor diagnoses your child with cirrhosis, your child might need one or more of the following tests to check the condition regularly:

  • Blood tests to check your child’s liver, kidney and oxygen levels
  • Ultrasound or other imaging tests of the liver
  • Physical exam

How Do Doctors Treat Cirrhosis?

Treatment for cirrhosis focuses on the following:

  • Slowing the growth of new scar tissue
  • Keeping unscarred parts of the liver as healthy as possible
  • Treating the condition that caused cirrhosis

Treatment depends on which stage of cirrhosis your child is experiencing. Common treatments for cirrhosis include medications to manage or ease symptoms or certain medical conditions.

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