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Pediatric Residency Program

The Massachusetts General Hospital Pediatric Residency Program aims to train the next generation of pediatricians to practice innovative, evidence-based, multidisciplinary medicine.


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The MassGeneral Hospital for Children is a children’s hospital within a world class hospital. You can glimpse the depth and breadth of the patients by browsing the NEJM Case Records of the MGH.  Leveraging the resources of this academic center, we are able to meet the diverse and unique learning, research and clinical interests of each of our incredibly talented residents. We do that within a close-knit community where resident support and mentorship are the cornerstones of a safe and productive learning environment. We as a program are invested in your individual and very personal experience of residency.

A Program Designed to Meet Your Individualized Needs

Academically, you are encouraged to design residency to meet your individualized needs. Rather than track residents into pre-defined pathways, we provide an opportunity for residents to explore their diverse interests and create their own path in residency, tailored to individual learning and career needs. Nine months of our residency training are determined by the resident. Residents choose even the “core” subspecialty months, rather than being simply scheduled for a required inpatient subspecialty month. Three months can be completely self- designed and we have had residents create incredibly rich and diverse rotations such pediatric care on a ship-hospital in Cambodia, comparative zoology with veterinarians, creating an emergency medicine curriculum for a brand-new residency program in rural Kenya and working with the Chief Quality Office of the hospital. At MGHfC, one-size does not fit all and no two residents have the exact same training experience because no two residents are exactly the same.

A Program Committed to Diversity in All Aspects of the Word

MGHfC strives to create a welcoming environment for its residents, faculty, staff, and patients. As an MGHfC resident, you will have the privilege of caring for patients from a wide range of different racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds at our main campus in Boston, our community health centers in Charlestown, Revere and Chelsea, and our affiliated community hospitals in Cambridge, Salem and Newton. MGH Chelsea Health Center, for example, cares for one of the largest and most diverse immigrant populations in all of Massachusetts! Our residents and staff come from many different backgrounds as well. We cannot think of a more perfect example than our own Pediatric Cardiology Department, where our staff of doctors is fluent in at least 5 different languages! MGHfC is committed to recruiting and supporting a multicultural workforce of pediatricians to reflect our beautiful and diverse patient population. We are proud to collaborate with the MGH Center for Diversity and Inclusion as well the LGBT Employee Resource Group to promote and support underrepresented minorities in medicine throughout Mass General. Learn more about diversity and cultural competence at MassGeneral Hospital for Children.

Unparalleled Access to Senior Faculty

Our approach to mentoring is multi-faceted and is adjusted to the needs of the residents. Early in the intern year, residents participate in a mentorship workshop, complete mentoring self-assessments and have an in-person meeting with the chief residents who then work with the administrative team to carefully choose a mentor for each resident based on his/her self-identified interests and mentorship needs. There are group mentoring sessions designed to help residents choose scholarly projects and meet faculty doing research in a speed-dating type model. In the fall we have faculty and graduates come together in the evening for discussions over dinner about careers in acute care, hospital medicine, pediatric medical subspecialties and primary care. These are but a few examples of ways that we try to actualize the view of mentorship as a network, not a single person. At MGHfC, not only are you working in a world-class environment, but you are working directly with the world-class leaders.

The Resources of Massachusetts General Hospital

Institution-wide resources within the Centers of Expertise allow trainees numerous opportunities including small group workshops, funding opportunities, and access to faculty leaders to refine their skills in the areas of Global and Humanitarian Health, Health Policy and Management, Medical Education, Patient Care Quality and Patient Safety and Research). Through initiatives such as this, you gain access not only to leaders in the field of pediatrics, but leaders in medicine across specialties and you become part of a broader community of graduate medical trainees at Mass General and Partners. With the current speed of medical advancements, pediatrics can no longer stay insular and pediatricians must work in a broader context of medicine.

Life-Long Relationships

The motto of care for patients at MGHfC is “Once we start caring, we never stop;” it is meant to reflect the value we place in caring for patients from in utero through birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and end of life. Once a patient at Mass General, always a patient at Mass General. Similarly, once you’ve joined the MGHfC Residency family, you will always be a part of it. Graduates routinely return to “catch up” and share news of personal life events with program directors and faculty, but even more importantly, to receive mentorship as their careers unfold.. It is not a coincidence that many of our graduates over the years have stayed or come back to the MGHfC at some point in their careers, and we take pride in the extended family of MGHfC pediatricians we are creating.

Program Leadership

The Pediatric Residency Program is managed by a group of dedicated and supportive faculty and staff.  Click here to learn more about our Program Director, Associate Program Directors, Coordinators and Chief Residents.


We train physicians in all aspects of general pediatrics with an emphasis on graduated autonomy and individualized training. With mentorship, you choose your own subspecialty electives and create your own individuated curriculum rotations. Our goal is to prepare you for a lifetime of service to children whether you choose a career as a generalist or as a pediatric specialist. Consequently, our residents experience the full range of the practice of pediatrics including community health clinics and private practices, community hospitals and world-renowned quaternary care centers. Our graduates enter all fields of pediatrics and we value the chance to train both community-oriented primary care pediatricians and subspecialist pediatrician scientists.

Resident Rotation Schedules

Pediatric Residency Rotations

To learn more about our rotation directors and faculty please click here.

Resident Community

One of the best things about the MassGeneral Hospital for Children Pediatric Residency is the people!

Photo of residents enjoying a picnic on the esplanade
Picnics on the Esplanade!

Each year, the residency program gets together for multiple exciting social activities, taking advantage of the incredible city of Boston around us as well as the beautiful New England countryside that surrounds the city on three sides.

Specifically, we have official activities hosted by our Wellness Committee throughout the year, most recently including peach and apple picking, wine tasting at Nashoba Valley Winery, drinks and appetizers at resident homes, picnics on the Charles River, bowling at Sacco’s with gourmet brick oven pizza, hiking on Mt. Wachusett, social gatherings at the program director’s house, and many more. And there are plenty of unofficial resident-initiated activities throughout the year because we just like to hang out with each other outside of the hospital! We have so much fun together and we can’t wait to share it all with you!

Photo of residents on a summer hike of Mt. Wachusett
Residents on a weekend summer hike on Mt. Wachusett

Here are some quotes from current residents when they were asked about the Resident and Community life at MGHfC:

“After my first day of intern orientation, my first thought was: wow, this decision was the best I've ever made.” –An MGHfC Intern

“I love my life at MGHfC! Residents ahead of me told me that they think of MGHfC as another family and very quickly into intern year I understood exactly what they meant. These are my people. While so many fun memories have occurred outside the hospital (Red Sox games, many great meals out, resident happy hours, the list go on), it's the camaraderie within the hospital and within our program that makes it so special. This is a program that looks out for each other, lifts one another up when you need it, and at its core, helps you become the pediatrician that YOU want to be. Residency is a challenging time no matter where you go, feeling supported and valued and having a great time while doing so has made all the difference.” –An MGHfC Junior Resident

Residents enjoying and apple picking excursion
Fall fun!

 “I love my co-residents because we always have each other’s backs- always lending a hand to help or support each other.” –An MGHfC Senior Resident

As you can see, we love MGHfC and hope you will too!


The MassGeneral Hospital for Children Alumni Association

Medical alumni of the residency and fellowship programs at MassGeneral Hospital for Children have gone on to pursue excellence in pediatric medicine in hospitals across the United States and around the world. Many have assumed leadership roles in clinical practice and research. Learn more.

We encourage you to use this site to learn about alumni events and to stay connected with the hospital and your fellow alumni. For more information, please email

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To learn about alumni events including speakers and receptions at national conferences, please sign up for the alumni association.

How to Apply

The Pediatric Residency Program welcomes inquiries from all interested applicants.  We participate in the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS)and do not accept paper applications.  Those who would like to submit a formal application should do so through ERAS associated with the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC).

The Pediatric Residency Program offers the following:

  • A three-year categorical pediatrics program (NRMP 1261320C0)
  • A one-year preliminary pediatrics program prior to advanced training programs, such as dermatology, radiology, anesthesiology, etc. (NRMP 1261320P0)
  • A two-year combined Pediatrics and Child Neurology program linked to ongoing training at MGH (NRMP 1261320P1) These slots are linked and only available to those who match at MGH. Inquiries about Child Neurology are generally directed to that program and we interview jointly with them.

Questions regarding application requirements, important deadlines or PGY-2/PGY-3 positions should be directed to

Christine Hurley
Residency Recruitment Coordinator
Phone: 617-726-7782

Application Deadline

The application deadline for the Pediatric Residency Program is October 15, although we encourage applicants to submit their application by October 1.

Interview offers are typically sent mid-October to allow time to review your application.  Questions and concerns about the status of your application should be held until after October 20.

International Graduates

If you are an international medical school graduate and wish to apply, please contact the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) to submit your ERAS application.  We sponsor J-1 visas.  In some situations, we’ll consider sponsoring H1B visas, and applicants have to have passed USMLE Step 3 prior to the ROL deadline to be considered for an H1B.

Visiting Clerkship Program

The Visiting Clerkship Program (VCP) is designed to increase medical student awareness of opportunities in academic medicine, to increase student consideration of academic training programs for internship and residency, and especially, to increase the number of national minority students applying to hospital training programs affiliated with Harvard Medical School. Learn More


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