Your child may have questions about what to expect before having an endoscopy procedure. Here are some common questions and ways to explain so that your child is comfortable and prepared.

What should I bring to the hospital for my endoscopy procedure?

Many kids like to wear comfy clothes like pajamas or sweat pants. Socks or slippers are a good idea too. Some kids bring a favorite stuffed animal or blanket that they like to sleep with at night. Many kids also like to bring a favorite game like Nintendo DS, a book to read, or an Ipod to listen to. We have some things here too, like games, coloring, and movies.

Why do I need to go to sleep if I am just having pictures?

Kids sleep during these pictures so they can stay perfectly still and comfortable. Using medicine to help kids take a “short nap” is the best way to this.

How do I fall asleep at the hospital if I’m not tired?

There is a special medicine that helps you fall asleep before your procedure begins. This medicine is called Anesthesia. There will be a “sleep doctor” called an Anesthesiologist at your appointment to give this medicine to you. This doctor will stay with you the whole time you are sleeping.

Is the sleep at the hospital the same as my sleep at home?

The sleep at the hospital is a special kind of sleep, different than at home. With the medicine, you can sleep through loud noises and other things that might wake you up at home.

Am I going to wake up while the doctor is taking pictures of my belly?

You won’t be bothered by the camera taking the pictures of your belly. The medicine that the doctor gives you helps you go to sleep and stay asleep the whole time they take pictures. When the doctor is done taking pictures they stop giving you the sleep medicine and you will wake up.

How long will it be before I wake up after the procedure?

When the medicine gets turned off, you’ll sleep for a bit longer with your parents watching over you. When your body is ready, you’ll wake up.

How many people will be in the room with me?

While you are having pictures taken, three people will be with you: your doctor that takes care of your belly, a nurse that watches over you, and a doctor that helps you sleep. Sometimes the doctors have student doctors learning with them or a “helper” called a GI Tech. Your parents can stay with you until you are ready to fall asleep.

How big is the camera?

The camera is very small and on the end of a long bendy straw. It is thinner than a hot dog and about as thick as a pinky finger.

When will I be able to eat and drink?

You will be able to eat and drink again after you wake up and after your doctor and nurse say that your stomach is ready for something. Most kids feel ready to drink right after they wake up, but sometimes kids need to wait a little bit longer. The nurse will probably want you to drink or have a Popsicle before eating something bigger like crackers.

Do other kids have these pictures taken too?

Everyday there are lots of kids that have the same procedure that you are having. Every child and teenager has the same doctors, so you don’t always see the other kids because they are either having their pictures done while you are waiting or waking up and having a Popsicle.