Boy with wrist cast high-fives dog
Patients and dogs help each other in the Doggonit program.

Doggonit: Epilepsy is Ruff

During this week program, adolescent epilepsy patients work with a certified trainer to train rescue dogs twice per week, then show off their skills with a talent show. The goal of this activity is to improve the quality of life for both patients and dogs. The adolescents and rescue dogs will learn from each other as they work together and teach each other valuable life skills.

  • Who: Mass General Pediatric Epilepsy Patients, Age 12-22
  • What: Work with professional dog trainers to help train rescue dogs
  • When: Starting March 4th (Mondays and Wednesdays)
  • Where: K9 Top Performance, Reading, MA

Rowing on the Charles

Join other families and members of our staff for a fun day out on the Charles River. This activity pushes patients to tackle something new, and to build confidence & teamwork! A picnic will follow, please bring your own snacks.

  • Date: Spring/Summer 2020 dates TBA
  • Place: Charles River in Boston
  • Cost: Free for Boston residents and Boston Public School students. $20 for everyone else.

Young patient dressed as Wonder Woman
Crafts and costumes make Ketoween sugar-free fun.

Ketoween: Halloween for our patients on Dietary Therapy

Halloween candy leaves many of our younger patients feeling left out of fall festivities, so we throw a Ketoween party every year. Patients & families wear costumes and enjoy crafts and spooky fun. In 2019, we held the event at the Museum of Science in Boston, and kids got full access to the museum for the rest of the day following the event.

  • When: Shortly before Halloween every year. 2020 date TBA.
  • Where: Museum of Science

Virtual Parent Group

We know how busy life can be as a parent, therefore, we are trying out a format change for our Parent group. We hope that conducting this group virtually will make participation easier for those near and far. We will also be changing our format by introducing a different topic for each session. Each meeting will start with a presentation on the topic and then an opportunity for questions and open discussion.

Parent groups offer parents the opportunity to share their experiences as well as to develop strategies to help their child manage difficulties with attention and emotional behavioral dysregulation. This group, led virtually by our Pediatric Epilepsy Social Worker and Nurse, will be held the first Thursday of every month. Please call our office for more details: 617-724- 2954.

  • When: The first Thursday of every month from 7:00 to 8:15 pm
  • Where: Anywhere you can access a phone or computer to connect to webex

Virtual Adolescent Social Group

Connect with peers over common interests: tv shows, books, movies, sports. This virtual group allows our adolescent patients to connect with each other in a low pressure online setting. This group will be guided by our Social worker and Nursing staff.

This activity will serve to allow anxious or shy patients to ease into a social setting; peers that may be going through similar experiences due to their medical condition. Each 4 week session will focus on a different topic.

Please call our office for more details: 617-724- 2954.

  • When: Starting the First Tuesday in October: Running for 4 weeks
  • Where: Anywhere where you can access a phone or computer to connect to to WebEx

Stress Management and Resiliency Training

This program for TSC patients aged 18 and up will help develop lifelong techniques for managing stress and anxiety.

In this 1-session workshop, you will learn:

  • When stress becomes a problem and how to recognize your personal stress triggers
  • Techniques to stay calm in stressful situations
  • How to build develop lifelong positive habits that enhance personal resiliency

Leadership: This program is led by Leigh Horne-Mebel, LICSW, the Social Worker for the Herscot Center.

  • Who: Mass General TSC patients, Age 18 and over
  • When: Sunday January 13th, 2019, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
  • Where: Mass General main campus