Free Physical Fitness Apps

  • NFL® Play 60
    An endless runner game where you can run yards, jump over obstacles and collect points for NFL gear and cool game characters. You can also connect with friends and compare points! To download the app, go to, then search for NFL Play 60 app. For Apple and Android products.
  • Power 20 Fitness Trainer
    Workouts that you can do in 20 minutes every day. Lower-cost options are also available. Download the app. For Apple and Android products.
  • Zombies, Run!
    This action-packed game is a story that has you run from zombies! You pick the story, mix your own music and pick your favorite place to run, like a park, a trail or on a treadmill. Download the app. For Apple and Android products.

Lower-Cost Physical Fitness Apps

  • Iron Kids
    This app has videos to learn healthy strength training and balance. For Apple and Android products. $3.99

Free Physical Fitness Videos

  • Run4Change 20-Minute Workout
    This YouTube® video teaches warm-up exercises, cardio exercises and strength training that you can do at home.

YouTube® can be a great resource for exercise videos you can follow along with or get ideas from!

Free Physical Fitness Tracker Apps

  • MapMyFitness®, MapMyWalk®, or MapMyRun®
    This app uses your phone’s GPS to record where you work out, your distance, elevation, speed, pace and calories you burn. When you’re done, you can share your route and workout information with your friends and family! For Apple and Android products.
  • Moves App
    This app will help you automatically record when you walk, cycle or run. You can look at your distance, speed, number of steps you took and calories you burned for each activity. This app is always on, so you don’t need to start and stop it – just keep it in your pocket or bag! Download the app. For Apple and Android products.
  • SparkPeople Healthy Living App
    This app provides tools, support and resources for nutrition, health and fitness. Download the app.
  • Balanced App
    This app helps you track the things you love to do more often. It also motivates you to do them again. Download the app.

Lower-Cost Physical Fitness Tracker Apps

  • Habit List
    This app provides tools and support so you can reach your goals and track your habits. It motivates you, helps you stay focused and keeps you on track. Download the app. $3.99

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