The Food Allergy Center at MassGeneral for Children is excited to be launching the Food Allergy Buddies Program in January 2020! The mentorship program will group high-school-age children (Bigs) with elementary-school-age (Littles) and middle-school-age children (Middles) who have a food allergy through in-person events.

Program Goals

The goals are to show children with a food allergy that they are more than their allergy, to create a sense of community amongst children and families with a food allergy, and to increase participants’ quality of life.

Program Details

Throughout 2020, there will be four group-based activities for participants and their families. The program will cover all expenses (such as tickets and transportation). Activities will be located in and around Boston to ensure that all participants can attend, regardless of transportation method. A Facebook group will connect all willing participants, including those who may not be able to attend all in-person events.

How to Join

Apply to be a Big Buddy!

Apply to be a Little Buddy!

Big Buddies will need to ask someone to fill in a character reference form, found here.

Questions? Want to learn more about the program? Please email

To stay updated on our current events and program, check the Facebook page.