How Will My Child Be Diagnosed with Growth Hormone Deficiency?

The Pediatric Endocrinologists at MassGeneral Hospital for Children will evaluate your child's height and growth rate to determine how to proceed with treatment. These doctors specialize in treating children and adolescents with endocrine disorders, which include disorders of growth. Your child will receive personal treatment from one of our endocrinologists along with state of the art evaluation and therapy.

Your child's endocrinologist will need to gather information about the family history. They will need to know the heights of his or her parents and other relatives. Additionally, they will need to know if there are any existing or past health problems in the family along with details about the mother's pregnancy with the child. Your child's height and weight will be measured in order to plot them on a growth chart. A growth chart will display a comparison of your child's growth to other children the same age. A child with growth hormone deficiency will have a height that levels off and does not reach the average growth curve. Next, your child's doctor will ask further questions about your child's nutrition, past illnesses, injuries, along with various other questions regarding their general health. Further tests will be conducted if your child's doctor thinks they may have growth hormone deficiency.

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