Hannah Shefsky talks about her experience with the Music Therapy Program at Mass General for Children.

Hannah Shefsky

Specialty: Music Therapy, Pediatrics

Education/Training: MA, Music Therapy and Mental Health Counseling

Certification: Board Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC)

Years in practice: 1 year

Years at MGfC: 1 year

What drew you to your specialty?: When I first discovered music therapy, I had been working for years as a music educator. As much as I loved teaching music, the emphasis music therapy places on social and emotional outcomes really resonated with me. I knew I had found the right field – a field that allows me to focus on using music to foster meaningful connections, creative expression, healing and joy.

Favorite part of your job: I love watching how music can help patients connect to that healthy part of themselves, giving them the space to be playful and expressive even in the midst of a scary situation. Being a part of that process is such a joy.

What you’d like to tell patients/family members about integrative therapies/your specialty: Music therapy can take on many different forms – it all depends on the individual. We can learn a new instrument, improvise together, write songs, listen to favorite tunes or even make beats on an iPad! No previous music experience is necessary – it’s our job as music therapists to help patients explore how music might best support them during their time at MGfC.