Ariadna Burgos-Chaves, MD, has joined MassGeneral for Children at the Charlestown HealthCare Center. In her new role as a pediatrician, Burgos-Chaves works closely with a small team of pediatricians to provide care at the community health center.

Burgos-Chaves joined MGfC this November from the South End Community Health Center. Community health centers host an environment that she feels allows her to deliver more personalized health care to her patients and families. “One reason I moved to Charlestown was because it’s a small community health center,” said Burgos-Chaves. “You get to know your patients and your families really well, and you work on small teams with your colleagues. That allows me to give informed health care to everyone we serve.”

The small team-based approach to patient care also fosters an environment that Burgos-Chaves feels is beneficial not only to patients and families, but to her and her colleagues as well. “I hope to build a team here in Charlestown and continue to learn from my colleagues,” she said. “By working in small teams, we can improve accessibility and allow more patients to be seen and receive the best care.”

Burgos-Chaves received her medical degree from the University of the Andes in Mérida, Venezuela. She completed her residency at Massachusetts General Hospital and a fellowship in pediatric pulmonary medicine at Children’s Hospital Boston. Outside of the exam room, she enjoys exercising, baking and reading.