Allison Friedmann, MD

Pediatric Hematology and Oncology

15 years of service

"When I completed my Pediatric Hematology/Oncology training 20 years ago, I joined the faculty at MGHfC, making this my first 'real job.' I expect it will also be my last job, as I can’t imagine a better place to spend an entire career. I have had the privilege of working with all sorts of other kind and generous people who share my passion in caring for children and families. This is true in every aspect and at every level of care that we provide when patients come through our doors. I experienced this first-hand in 2005 when my family adopted an orphan from China with cancer, and we made the journey through her treatment with her. I am happy to say she is a healthy, young college student today! I am grateful for the people here who cared for us, and for the opportunity to work at a world-class institution that truly lives up to its mission.'"

Susie Flaherty

Center for Celiac Research and Treatment

5 years of service

"I love knowing that I work for an organization that truly cares about its patients, employees and community. I enjoy the sense of collaboration and camaraderie at the hospital and the ability to work with so many talented and thoughtful people.'"

David Sweetser, MD


15 years of service

"One of the highlights of my 15 years here has been to participate in the tremendous expansion of our Medical Genetics and Metabolism Division and the embrace of new cutting edge technologies, such as whole genome sequencing. that has allowed us to identify the cause of decades old diagnostic dilemmas, and has revolutionized our approach to all fields of medicine. The hospital has such amazing resources and talented individuals to work alongside, all with an unparalleled commitment to patient care and research, that I can image no better place to work.'"

About Ether Day

  • This year, Ether Day was celebrated on Oct. 13, 2017 in a lively ceremony under the Bulfinch tents. The Ether Day Dancers rocked and rolled to hit songs of each year of service recognized.
  • In total, 3,758 employees received pins ranging from five years of service to 65.
  • Ether Day started on Oct. 16, 1846, when William T. G. Morton, a Boston dentist, demonstrated the use of ether during surgery in what is now known as the Ether Dome at Massachusetts General Hospital. This ended the unimaginable pain and dread that often accompanied going under the surgeon's knife. Morton administered the ether to patient Gilbert Abbot, who had a vascular tumor on his neck. After Abbot fell asleep, John Collins Warren, MD, a prominent surgeon at the time, removed the tumor. Abbot reported no pain when he woke up.
  • Ether Day has since become a day to recognize staff of all role groups for their years of service and dedication to patients, families and the hospital's overall mission. Staff receive pins with stars denoting every five years of service. Staff who celebrate 20 years or more are treated to a dinner hosted by Peter L. Slavin, MD, president of Massachusetts General Hospital.