Lucy’s story: A novel feeding approach helps baby and family thrive - 3/31/2020, Mass General
Lucy Beson developed oral aversion during her first week of life. She was vomiting 15-20 times a day for months. After a few months on a feeding tube and trying a new diet, Lucy is eating at the dinner table with her family, feeding-tube free.

Quinnlyn's story: Feeding team helps picky preemie become a flourishing foodie - 4/18/2019, Mass General
For the first few months of her life, Quinnlyn Fisher relied on a feeding tube. Gagging and vomiting, along with a host of health issues, made feeding a struggle for Quinnlyn, who was born premature at just under 28 weeks. With care and support from her family and care team at the Center for Feeding and Nutrition at MGHfC, Quinnlyn no longer gags or vomits, and relishes in foods full of flavor and color.

Penny's story: Warrior Princess conquers her feeding struggles - 4/17/2019, Mass General
In no uncertain terms, Penny Clark will tell you what she likes and dislikes when it comes to certain foods. Born at 26 weeks premature with severe feeding issues, Penny received treatment at MGHfC's Center for Feeding and Nutrition and is now a 3-year-old preschooler who eagerly fills her plate and her belly.

Mihaly's story Infant Intervention - Saving Mihaly- 426/2017, Mass General
Just hours after her birth, Mihaly Oge was rushed to the operating room because of a potentially life-threatening bowel obstruction. After removing part of her intestine, Mihaly is learning to simultaneously heal and thrive at the Pediatric Nutrition Center.

Gustavo's story: Finding success and overcoming fears through the Pediatric Feeding Program- 8/9/2016, Mass General
Gustavo Franca was born with birth defects that left him unable to eat or drink anything by mouth. Now, at age 9, Gustavo is learning how to chew and swallow solid food and overcome his feeding fears with help from the MGHfC Pediatric Feeding Program.

Compassionate care helps patient find love for new foods- 4/11/2016, Mass General
Ella Dumais struggled with feeding for the first two years of her life. With help from Lauren Fiechtner, MD, and a team of feeding therapists, Ella, now 3, went from receiving food through a feeding tube to joining her family at the dinner table and fearlessly trying new foods every day.