Photo of Nora Alfakhri, MDNora Alfakhri, MD, talks about what brought her to the Pediatric Critical Care Medicine fellowship at Mass General for Children/Harvard Medical School.

Hometown: Basra, Iraq, and Doha, Qatar
Undergraduate: Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar
Medical School: Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar
Residency: Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar
Currently Living: Boston, MA

MGfC and Me: During my interview, even though it was virtual, I felt at home and would join a close-knit group. I knew I will be supported, and the faculty will be invested in fostering my research interests and clinical growth. The program at MGfC offers strong clinical experience with enormous research resources all within a smaller group, which is what I am looking for. Outside of work, I like to spend my time coffee tasting, reading and barre exercising.