Zelda Ghersin, MD, talks about her experience in the Pediatric Critical Care Medicine fellowship at MassGeneral Hospital for Photo of Zelda Ghersin, MDChildren/Harvard Medical School.

Zelda Ghersin, MD
Hometown: Chappaqua, New York
Undergraduate School: McGill University
Medical School: Technion Institute of Technology (Haifa, Israel)
Residency: New York Medical College at Saint Joseph's Children's Hospital
Currently Living: Boston (Beacon Hill)
MGHFC and Me: I love to travel and luckily my spouse works for an airline! From university until now, I have been fortunate enough to live in several fantastic cities and now is a great time to try out Boston. A dream of mine is to one day be involved in global medicine. I chose MGHFC because I loved the people that I met on my interview day and right from the start it felt like a place that I could call home. In medical school and residency I was active in research and I am interested in finding a project that I am passionate about during my fellowship. I grew up playing lots of sports and loving the outdoors...not much has changed! Since I am originally from New York I can still head back for a slice of my favorite pizza! An added perk is that I am also not too far away from my dog and my family.