Inpatient training occurs on the pediatric floors at MGH, Ellison 17 and 18. Teams include two interns and a senior resident. Interns spend an additional month in the newborn nursery and on pediatric surgery.

Massachusetts General Hospital, the largest of the Harvard Medical School teaching facilities, has been providing pediatric care since 1821, longer than anyone in Boston. The hospital has a rich history of innovation including the first use of ether as an anesthetic agent in 1846 and the first application of nitric oxide for babies with pulmonary hypertension.

Mass General for Children offers patients access to the world's best clinicians, the most advanced technologies, an exchange of ideas among specialists at the top of their frields, and the latest clinical approaches driven by the hospital's robust research program. Mass General for Children patients have access to vast resources including sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic care in virtually every specialty and subspecialty of medicine and surgery. We are also uniquely positioned to provide continuity of care for patients from pre-natal care through adulthood.

Through its growing network of community-based facilities and pediatricians, the hospital's excellent care is conveniently accessible to families throughout the region.

With $45 million in annual research awards, the hospital is among the top pediatric hospitals in the nation in research funding. Our Simches Research Building underscores our further commitment to advance the science of pediatric medicine and is organized to reflect new opportunities in biology and medicine: Genetics and Genomics, Comparative and Integrative Biology, Systems Biology and Regenerative Medicine.

Our faculty comprises many extremely talented, nationally and internationally recognized pediatricians, pedatric specialists, and research scientists, all of whom have chosen to work here because they want to be part of an exciting environment that is making a real difference in children's lives. Inpatient teaching attendings and hospitalist faculty attend work rounds and morning report, teach, provide support to the senior resident running the team, and manage patients admitted to the general ward service together with the house staff.

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