Michelle Chiu talks about her experience in the Pediatric Residency Program at Mass General for Children.

Photo of Michelle Chiu, MD
Michelle Chiu, MD

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

College: Harvard University 

Medical School: Brown University

Currently Living In: Cambridge, MA

MGfC and Me: In my time here, I’ve been so impressed with the emphasis on resident and medical student education, and I’ve already seen a variety of bread and butter as well as specialty patients. I am interested in eventually doing palliative care, but in the meantime am exploring a variety of interests, and I am confident MGfC will afford me the opportunity to build a solid foundation in general peds and also to gain experience in whichever field I choose.

I had heard that the MGfC program was incredibly nurturing and supportive, but I’ve been blown away by how deeply this is embodied in the program. Everyone I have come across here is not only fun, motivated, and highly intelligent, but also incredibly kind and unwavering in their support of each other. Even just a few months into residency, I feel incredibly lucky to be here in this community, where, as the unofficial motto of the program goes, we “never worry alone.”

Fun Fact: I devour books like I devour salty snacks. January of intern year I set a goal to read 20 books and by November I had read 33!