The Ward Teach rotation is a 2 to 4 week rotation in the PGY-3 year which combines clinical service with mentored teaching opportunities. During this rotation, the resident runs Morning Case Conference twice a week and one Wednesday noon conference every other week. Each Ward Teach resident is paired with a faculty mentor for 1:1 teaching and feedback during the rotation. The conferences are designed to allow the residents to improve teaching skills while educating the residents about recent admissions to MGHfC. Residents of all three years, the hospitalist and teaching attendings, as well as medical students, attend the conferences. Dr. Ariel Frey-Vogel serves as faculty advisor to the teaching senior.

The clinical service responsibilities during this rotation include admitting patients to the inpatient ward during the morning to protect the ward interns and senior residents during rounds.

The overall goal of the senior resident ward teach rotation is to provide residents with the opportunity to lead case conferences on recent pediatric admissions in a mentored setting in which they receive feedback through a structured “Resident as Educator” curriculum while simultaneously participating on the wards team as a supporting senior resident.