How do doctors treat positional head molding?

Treatment depends on your baby’s case and how he is developing. Your baby does not need surgery.

The most common treatments include:

  • Repositioning activities that encourage your baby to spend less time on the flat spot. The activities will change as your baby develops.
  • If your baby has tight neck or head muscles, physical therapy and neck stretches can help to strengthen and lengthen those muscles.
  • In rare cases, a helmet can help change the shape of your baby’s head.

Why does my baby need to see a neurosurgeon?

Your baby might see a neurosurgeon (brain surgeon) to make sure he/she does not have a more serious condition called craniosynostosis. Craniosynostosis is when 2 or more bones in the skull fuse together earlier than they should. The brain continues to grow normally, but the head does not.

What is the outcome for my baby with positional head molding?

If you follow the doctor’s treatment plan, your baby’s head should likely round out by the time he starts school.

Rev. 10/2017