Before certain tests and procedures, all girls who have started menstruation (having periods) will have a routine pregnancy test. Learn why you will take a pregnancy test and how the test will be done.

Why Do I Need a Pregnancy Test Before My Procedure with Sedation?

At Massachusetts General Hospital and MassGeneral Hospital Children (MGfC), an important step in your treatment plan is making sure you are not pregnant before your planned procedure with sedation. All girls who are under 18 and who have started menstruating (having periods) have this test before a procedure with sedation. Your care team follows this hospital policy to keep you as safe as possible before your procedure with sedation.

How Will the Pregnancy Test Be Done?

The pregnancy test will be done through a urine sample before you receive sedation. A member of your care team will give directions on how to give a urine sample. The pregnancy test is usually done when you check in on the day of your procedure with sedation.

In rare cases when you cannot give a urine sample, you can also have the pregnancy test done through a blood sample. This could delay your planned procedure with sedation by a few hours.

Can the Test Be Done at Home with a Pregnancy Test From a Store?

No. All pregnancy testing is done by your care team at Mass General and MGfC.

If I Know I Am Not Pregnant, Do I Still Need to Take the Test?

Yes. The pregnancy test is an important step to complete before having sedation. It helps make sure you are receiving the safest and best possible care.

What Happens If I Choose Not to Have the Pregnancy Test?

It is your right as a patient not to have the pregnancy test before your procedure with sedation. Unfortunately, this means you might not be able to have your planned procedure. If this is the case, the care team will talk with you about next steps.

What Happens After I Get the Results?

  • If the test is negative (-), your team will go ahead with the scheduled test or procedure.
  • If the result is positive (+), the care team will share the result with you privately. They will also help you decide what to do next. The care team will try to connect you with other providers who can help you.

Your care team understands that getting a positive pregnancy test result can be unexpected. This does not happen very often.

If you think you may be pregnant, please contact Mass General and MGfC Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at 617-726-2740 before you arrive on the day of your sedation.

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