How can I cut back on my baby's screen time?

There are many ways you can cut back on your baby’s screen time.

Be a good role model

  • Set a good example. Babies and children learn best from people around them. If your baby sees you doing activities that do not involve a screen as often, they are more likely to follow your example.
  • Ask others to set a good example too. If you have a babysitter, nanny or other caregiver, ask them to also set a good example for your baby.


  • Start slow. Start by cutting back on screen time by 5-10 minutes a day.
  • For toddlers, set time limits. Use devices with screens only when needed. Set a timer to keep track of how long your toddler uses a device.

New activities

  • Introduce your baby to new activities that do not involve a screen. This can include reading, playing games, building blocks, playing with a water or sand table and much more.
  • Read books with your baby. Reading together helps create a special bond with each other. It also helps your baby learn words better.

Create a positive environment

  • Keep devices with screens out of your baby’s bedroom. Your baby will sleep better without any devices in his room.
  • Turn off the TV in the background. Instead, play music, listen to the radio or listen to audio books.
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