The Child Protection Team engages in consultations including discussion about facts of the case, social and medical history, physical exam, laboratory and radiology studies as well as any other areas surrounding the child’s presentation.

The team offers a differential diagnosis and recommendations regarding further studies and/or consultations from other subspecialty services. The team also discusses next steps including possible mandated reports to Child Protection Services, safety planning for the child and/or family and staff. Admission, discharge and other pertinent areas are also explored.

Team members may participate in related multidisciplinary team meetings and may serve as liaisons between health care providers and Child Protection Services, police departments, district attorneys and other community agencies. Team members may also appear in court proceedings or help prepare other healthcare professionals for court testimony.

The Child Protection Team also provides educational sessions on the psychosocial and emotional and medical aspects of child abuse.

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Information from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:

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