Learn more about race and racism

Videos for children

  • “The Power of We” (Sesame Street)
    Four friends learn about their own racial identities and skin colors. They also learn to understand what it means to feel proud of their racial identities. Sesame Street has many resources around race and racism.
  • “Arthur Takes a Stand” (PBS Kids)
    Arthur meets civil rights leader and Congressman John Lewis. He learns how to stand up for someone experiencing unfairness.

Videos for teens and adults


  • Code Switch®
    Conversations about race and how it affects every part of life today. Topics range from politics and pop culture to history, sports and everything in between.


  • Embrace Race®
    An organization dedicated to children’s racial learning.
  • Racial Empowerment Collaborative®
    An organization that brings together community leaders, researchers, authority figures, families and youth to study and promote racial literacy and health in schools and neighborhoods.

Booklists for children

Mental health resources

Learn about different groups of people

  • Black in America®
    A long-running podcast that shares different historical and current people whose stories help bring awareness to the black American experience.
  • Code Switch®
    Conversations about race and how it affects every part of society. Topics range from politics and pop culture to history, sports and everything in between.
  • Kerning Cultures®
    A podcast that focuses on the Middle East, Northern African and the Arab American experience.
  • Radio Ambulante®
    A narrative podcast that tells unique Latin American stories in Spanish.
  • Red Nation®
    A podcast with discussions on Indigenous history, politics and culture.
  • Self Evident®
    Shares in-depth stories and conversations from different Asian American communities.

Local advocacy organizations

  • City Life Vida Urbana helps people stay in their homes by uniting community members to fight evictions, racism and economic injustice. If you are facing eviction, call 617-934-5006 (English) or 617-397-3773 (Spanish)
  • Matahari Women’s Workers Center brings together women workers (including nannies, house cleaners, home health aides and restaurant workers) to fight for labor rights, oppose wage theft, and build community across race, ethnicity and multiple languages.
  • The MassCosh Immigrant Worker Center is a safe place for immigrants to speak up about workplace abuse. Immigrants can join a powerful network of workers demanding safe, healthy working conditions. If you are facing exploitation or discrimination at work, call 617-505-8939 or 617-505-8940.
  • Student Immigrant Movement is a Massachusetts-based youth organization that brings together young people who are immigrants to speak up for their rights.

Local resources to report instances of racism and discrimination

Important words to know

The words below are important to understand when talking about race and racism. You will see these words in bold throughout the handout.

Word Definition
Discrimination Unfair treatment of others based on their race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, ability or other factors.
Economic injustice The unequal distribution (sharing or spread) of income and opportunities among different groups of people.
Ethnicity A person’s belonging to a certain group with shared cultural values, traditions, beliefs, history, language or religion.
Exploitation When someone is treated unfairly so others may benefit from the unfair treatment.
Microaggressions Indirect, subtle or unintentional (accidental) discrimination against people based on race, gender, age or other factors.
Racial identity How a person identifies themselves and how others may perceive them in terms of race. A person’s racial identity depends on their family history, culture and ethnicity.
Racial learning How and when children learn about different races.
Racial literacy Education that helps people learn how to recognize, respond to and speak up against racism.

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