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What can I expect at my child's visit to the pediatric cardiologist?

  • Your child will meet a medical assistant or nurse who will take your child’s vital signs (heart rate, oxygen levels, height and weight).
  • Your child will have an electrocardiogram (EKG). An EKG is a test that helps doctors learn more about your child’s heart rate and how his heart works. The EKG does not hurt. You will get the EKG results on the same day.
  • A pediatric cardiologist (heart doctor) will do a physical exam of your child and go over his medical and family history. The EKG results and physical exam tell the doctor a lot about your child’s heart.
  • If needed, your child might also have an echocardiogram (echo). A cardiac echo is an ultrasound of the heart and how it is built. It does not hurt. The doctor will give you the cardiac echo results the same day.

Will my child need follow-up care or treatment for syncope?

Whether your child needs follow-up care or treatment depends on the reason why they fainted. Follow-up care depends on what the pediatric cardiologist finds during the first appointment. They will talk with you about any treatment or follow-up care, if needed.

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