How is Vitamin D Deficiency Diagnosed?

Doctors can diagnose vitamin D deficiency through a blood test. Doctors can diagnose rickets through an X-ray of the wrists and/or knees.

How is Vitamin D Deficiency Treated?

Vitamin D deficiency can be treated with vitamin D supplements. The 2 forms of vitamin D supplements are ergocalciferol and cholecalciferol. Both work well to treat vitamin D deficiency. They help vitamin D build back up to normal levels in the body. Your child’s care team will help you figure out how much vitamin D supplement your child should take every day and whether your child should also take calcium supplements.

After your child receives treatment for vitamin D deficiency and vitamin D levels are back to the normal range, the care team might recommend continuing a vitamin D supplement daily. This will help keep vitamin D levels in the normal range.

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