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We want to help you quit smoking and using other tobacco products. Living Tobacco-Free staff can help you quit smoking cigarettes and stop using other tobacco products like chew, cigars, shisha and e-cigarettes. Living Tobacco-Free also focuses on the next generation.

Thinking about quitting smoking or other tobacco products? We can help!

We offer information, education, coaching and resources to help you quit.

  • Call us at 781-485-6210 to learn how to quit smoking cigarettes or using other tobacco products, and get resources to help you. Our coaches will gladly answer any questions you have about tobacco or quitting, even if you're not ready to quit. They can also help you figure out what’s standing in your way.
  • We also offer free, one-on-one coaching with a trained coach when you’re ready to quit.
  • Using coaching plus a quit-smoking medication more than doubles your chances of quitting for good.

We are a program of Community Health Associates at Massachusetts General Hospital, a division of the Center for Community Health Improvement. Our clients are the communities and individuals served by the Mass General health centers in Charlestown, Chelsea, Everett and Revere.

Free One-on-One Coaching

What happens when you see a quit-smoking coach?

You’ll be in a caring and supportive environment. Your coach understands you are unique and will help you reach any goal you set, whether it’s working towards quitting, deciding on a quit-smoking medication or talking through whether you are ready to quit.

  • At your first appointment: Your coach will learn about you and how smoking and tobacco products affect your life. You’ll learn more about tobacco and nicotine. Together, you’ll set your goals and make a plan to reach them, one step at a time. Your coach will also discuss which quit-smoking medications could be right for you.
  • Follow-up visits: Return weekly or as you need. Your coach will want to help you along the way.

All visits are free with no co-pays. 

Locations and Language

We offer coaching in English and Spanish at the Mass General health centers in Charlestown, Chelsea, Everett and Revere. We use interpreter services for other languages. 

Our Prevention Work

Living TOBACCO-FREE wants to keep the next generation tobacco-free. Tobacco use comes with a deadly price tag. Cigarette smoking alone kills more than 480,000 adults a year in the United States and 9,000 adults a year in Massachusetts. Smoking among Massachusetts residents is directly responsible for $4.08 billion each year in annual health care costs.

To help ensure the next generation doesn’t bear the burdens of tobacco, Living Tobacco-Free educates youth and young adults about smoking and tobacco in all its forms, including e-cigarettes and vaping.  We also work for positive changes in state laws and local health regulations.

Educating Youth about Vaping and Tobacco

Living Tobacco-Free educates youth by working with community coalitions, youth groups and school health staff. We teach young people that tobacco products contain nicotine, are highly addictive and are harmful to their health. We tell them the truth about big tobacco companies: how they spend millions of dollars every day trying to gain new young customers and market sweet, cheap, and addictive products to attract them.


Living Tobacco-Free works with community and the state-wide groups to advocate for changes in laws and regulations that make it easier for young people to stay away from tobacco products, including vapes.

Information and help

Living Tobacco-Free can help youth who want to quit smoking, vaping or using other tobacco products.  We will connect youth to resources that are right for them. If you or your organization would like information or help regarding youth and tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and vaping devices, email Jonina Gorenstein at jtgorenstein@partners.org

How to Enroll

Ask your Mass General provider to refer you to Living Tobacco-Free, or call 781-485-6210 to speak to one of our coaches or schedule an appointment.


To make an appointment at any of these locations for help quitting smoking or using other tobacco products, call Living Tobacco-Free at 781-485-6210. Appointment times vary.

Charlestown HealthCare Center
73 High Street
Charlestown, MA 02129

MGH Chelsea HealthCare Center
151 Everett Avenue
Chelsea, MA 02150
(Appointments also available at 100 Everett Avenue)

MGH Everett Family Care
19 Norwood Street
Everett, MA 02149

MGH Revere HealthCare Center
300 Ocean Avenue
Revere, MA 02151

MGH Broadway Primary Care-Revere
385 Broadway, Suite 4
Revere, MA 02151


Resources for Quitting Tobacco Products

Download deep breathing tips.
Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing tips and techniques.

Download information on e-cigarettes and vaping.
E-Cigarettes and Vaping

E-Cigarettes and Vaping

E-Cigarettes and Vaping: What You Should Know

Download information in pregnancy and quitting smoking.
Pregnancy and Quitting Smoking

Pregnancy and Quitting Smoking

Many women choose to quit smoking once they become pregnant. Learn more.

Download information on quitting smoking with a mental health or substance use disorder.
Quitting Smoking With Mental Health Disorders

Quitting Smoking With Mental Health Disorders

Information about quitting smoking with a mental health or substance use disorder.

Download information on social smoking.
Social Smoking

Social Smoking

Social Smoking: I only smoke with my friends.

Download information on slips and relapses.
Slips and Relapses

Slips and Relapses

Slips and relapses: I tried to quit, but I went back to smoking

Download information on smoking and stress.
Smoking and Stress

Smoking and Stress

Many people say stress is the main reason they smoke. Learn more.

Download information about why it's so hard to quit smoking.
Why It's Hard to Quit Smoking

Why It's Hard to Quit Smoking

Nicotine addiction has three parts: physical, emotional, and behavioral. Learn more.

Download strategies to quit smoking.
Strategies to Quit Smoking

Strategies to Quit Smoking

It is never too soon or too late in life to stop smoking. These strategies can help.

Frequently asked questions about vaping
FAQs about Vaping

FAQs about Vaping

Learn more about vaping--the "new look of nicotine addiction."

Talk with your kids
Tips for Talking With Your Kids About Vaping

Tips for Talking With Your Kids About Vaping

Tips for starting a conversation about vaping with your child.

Learn more
Get more information

Get more information

For more information visit the Massachusetts Department of Public Health: GetOutraged.org

Teen Quit Smoking PDF
Ready to Quit Smoking or Vaping?

Ready to Quit Smoking or Vaping?

Find free resources for teens ready to quit smoking.