Our Approach

CCHI is dedicated to bringing high-quality, equitable care to the diverse communities we serve. Our programs address the social determinants of health—things like housing, education and employment—that can account for 80% of health status.

Improving Access to Care

Our community health workers and navigators connect patients to healthcare and other services with the goal of strengthening families and having a lasting impact on people’s lives.

Promoting Educational Attainment and Empowering Youth

Today’s young people are tomorrow’s workforce and community leaders, and we work with more than 2,100 youth in our core educational programs, through summer jobs and with community youth.

Engaging Communities to Build a Culture of Health

We provide “backbone” support—staff, resources, evaluation services and communication assistance—to four multi-sector coalitions in our communities.


84% of patients with complex medical needs

reported their health status as Very Good or Good, up from 65% when first referred.


400 Faculty and Staff Members

serve as mentors and supervisors to our MGH Youth Scholars.


824 Parents committed to talking to their kids about the dangers of vaping

as part of a Revere CARES pledge drive.

Our Annual Report

Download our latest Community Health Annual Report.