As the result of a 2018 strategic planning process, ECOCH established three new subcommittees that will focus on the following priorities over the next three years.

ECOCH members brainstorm ideas during a meetingSocial Determinants of Health (SDOH)

Goal: Massachusetts General Hospital will recognize and address social determinants that affect the health of patients and communities.


  • Create and disseminate a SDOH Status Report
  • Foster cross-disciplinary collaboration to prioritize research that focuses on SDOH
  • Develop a proposal for a new hospital-wide SDOH Initiative

Subcommittee Chairs: James Morrill, MD, PhD and Anne Thorndike, MD, MPH

Access to Care

Goal: Mass General will provide care that is affordable, available and accessible for all patients.


  • Ensure patients in ConnectorCare Plans are able to access Mass General services
  • Ensure the development of an “Access to Care” dashboard with key indicators that reflect measures of affordability, availability and accessibility
  • Improve experience of care for people of diverse backgrounds

Subcommittee Chairs: Joy Rosen, MS and Dean Xerras, MD

Race Equity

Goal: To achieve race equity at Mass General by creating, embedding and sustaining a race equity framework.


  • Promote ongoing commitment by the Mass General Board and senior leadership to establish and maintain race equity as an institutional priority
  • Provide in-depth and continuous race-equity education and training for all hospital employees
  • Develop/revise an anonymous reporting system that captures racism-related experiences and concerns leading to review and remedy
  • Conduct a race equity impact assessment for all policies and decision making at Mass General

Subcommittee Chairs: Elena Olson, JD and Derri Shtasel, MD

Additional Information: In 2020, the goals identified by the ECOCH Race Equity Subcommittee were incorporated into Mass General’s new 10-Point Structural Equity Plan and the Mass General Brigham United Against Racism plan and will be operationalized by the newly formed Executive Committee on Diversity and Equity (ECODE).