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Massachusetts General Hospital provides convenient access to world-class care in downtown Boston to the Harvard Business School community.

Our programs offer members:

  • Customized access to leading primary care and specialty physicians
  • Seamless care coordination and a high-touch, personalized experience
  • Access to the most effective and innovative treatments and, if appropriate, clinical trials
  • Multilingual staff with experience treating international patients

Executive Physical – Annual Medical Examination

The Executive Physical Program provides members with an annual, comprehensive medical examination. Typically completed in one day, the visit comprises appointments with a Massachusetts General Hospital physician and other world-class specialists. It is tailored to the patient’s individual health needs, and prioritizes wellness and early detection of disease.

Participants typically maintain a relationship with a separate primary care physician and share their Executive Physical Report with that physician for ongoing management. Fee varies; please call Mass General for details.

Concierge Medicine – Ongoing Primary Care

The Concierge Medicine practice at Massachusetts General Hospital provides members with an exceptionally high level of service from their Mass General primary care physician, including 24/7 access, preventive care, health screening, wellness, fitness and coordination of advanced care across the hospital, if needed. Because they see fewer patients every day than a traditional primary care doctor, concierge physicians have more time to dedicate to each individual. Members must carry insurance to cover their care and co-pays, and pay an annual membership fee of $10,000.

Term-limited Concierge Membership

For executives, students and their families who are in Boston temporarily, a time-limited concierge membership provides the same access to world-class physicians and high level of service at Massachusetts General Hospital at a pro-rated cost. Members must carry insurance to cover their care and co-pays, and can join for as few as three months. Fee varies; please call Mass General for details.