Current & Past Fellows

Learn more about the Program's current and past Fellows.

Current 1st Year Fellows

Hannah Lebowitz, MPH Hannah Lebowitz, MPH
Yale School of Public Health

Hannah was first introduced to the field of public health during her sophomore year at Williams College, when she took a course on the social determinants of health. As she learned about public health in the classroom, she also explored the field on her own, volunteering as an abortion doula at a local hospital, interning at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and studying rural healthcare networks in the Indian states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Hannah completed her post-graduate education at the Yale School of Public Health, where she focused her studies on Healthcare Management. At YSPH, Hannah sought opportunities to engage with work she is passionate about, including harm reduction, substance use disorder prevention, and community health initiatives. Hannah served as a co-president of Yale’s Addiction Medicine Collaborative, volunteered with the Neighborhood Health Project to provide preventive care to low-income New Haven residents, and volunteered in the Referrals Department of Yale’s HAVEN Free Clinic.

Hannah was selected as an HIV Health Equity and Social Justice Fellow by Yale’s Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS. In this role, she worked closely with the New Haven chapter of the Sex Workers and Allies Network to distribute harm reduction supplies in a mobile outreach van, as well as research and document barriers to medical detox for uninsured New Haven residents. Witnessing the lack of inpatient care for those with substance use disorders and co-occurring illness solidified her interest in working within health systems to promote equitable access to care for vulnerable populations.

Hannah is excited to begin her journey as a Mass General Administrative Fellow. She is grateful for the opportunity to work in a patient-centered health system, and she looks forward to taking full advantage of the fantastic learning opportunities provided by the fellowship.

Maritza Minchala, MPH Maritza Minchala, MPH
Yale School of Public Health

Maritza’s drive to pursue a career in healthcare stemmed from her personal experience navigating complex health systems in New York City at a young age. She recognized that despite living in a rich and vibrant city, social factors and health system inefficiencies perpetuated health disparities.

Maritza received her Bachelor’s degrees in Biological Anthropology and Psychology from Binghamton University. During her undergraduate years, she was involved with Partners in Health, which at the time solely focused on supporting the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa. Witnessing the devastating impact of the outbreak underscored for Maritza the significance of understanding the social factors that hinder uptake of recommendations from health care providers and leaders. After graduating, Maritza worked at Mount Sinai, conducting clinical research across New York, Massachusetts, and Virginia, to explore how environmental factors affect child health outcomes. In this role, she witnessed the social inequalities and structural inequities that left vulnerable populations in need of accessible, affordable, and high-quality healthcare.

Maritza then received her Master of Public Health in Social and Behavioral Sciences at the Yale School of Public health. Through this interdisciplinary program, Maritza focused her studies on regulatory affairs and healthcare administration. During her graduate program, Maritza worked at Kaiser Permanente’s Southern California Permanente Medical Group on numerous projects that helped standardize prenatal care delivery, reduce delays in urology services, and address practice support and physician burnout across southern California. This experience provided Maritza with insights into the complexities of system standardization and integration.

Maritza is excited to join Mass General as an Administrative Fellow and to contribute during a transformative time.

Michael J. Kehoe, MHA, MBA Michael J. Kehoe, MHA, MBA
Army-Baylor University

Mike developed a passion for healthcare after enlisting as a combat medic in the Illinois Army National Guard. Following his undergraduate studies, Mike was commissioned as a Medical Service Corps Officer in the Active Duty Army. His first encounter with administrative operations was at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Landstuhl, Germany, where he learned what a manager in a clinical operations department does to set themselves apart by improving the well-being of their patients and staff. Throughout his time in the military, he has honed his focus on administration and systems improvement through various experiences around the world. His favorite work experiences include working in small teams to ensure that the group’s supported patient population gets the best, most efficient care possible. Most recently, Mike led a team of medics, technicians, nurses, and physicians supporting evacuees and servicemembers through the evacuation of Afghanistan.

Mike is in the second year of the Army-Baylor MHA/MBA program, which includes a one-year fellowship at hospitals around the country. Mike chose to come to Massachusetts General Hospital for his fellowship because of the hospital’s reputation as a leader in education, research, and community health.

Current 2nd Year Fellows

Tumi Akin-Sodipo, MPHTumi Akin-Sodipo, MPH
Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health

Tumi’s passion for healthcare comes as a result of her experience growing up in Lagos, Nigeria. The exposure to public health and its impact on the community at such a young age sparked her interest in increasing access to care, eliminating health disparities and creating positive changes in the healthcare delivery system. Throughout her childhood, she witnessed a broken healthcare system which only fueled her drive to pursue public health and contribute as a future healthcare leader.

Tumi received her bachelor’s degree in Public Health from the University of Maryland College Park. It was there that she fully learned about the complexity and dynamics of the healthcare industry which ultimately led to her pursuit of a master’s degree. Immediately after receiving her bachelor’s degree, Tumi went on to Emory University Rollins School of Public Health to pursue a Master of Public Health in Healthcare Management. During her time at Emory University, she was involved with the Georgia Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 Response team which aimed to control the spread of the virus at local county schools. She also completed an administrative internship at Oregon Health & Science University Hospital where she gained exposure to Operations, Infection Control & Prevention, Ambulatory Care and, Patient Experience which further sealed her interest in healthcare administration.

Tumi is excited to be joining Mass General as an Administrative Fellow and cannot wait to immerse herself in a program that caters to the diverse community at large. She is confident that the fellowship will expose her to unique opportunities that will prepare her for a leadership role.


Colleen Griffin, MPHColleen Griffin, MPH 
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Colleen received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Boston College with a minor in Environmental Studies. Throughout her undergraduate studies, she worked as a Bulfinch temp at MGH. This afforded her the experience to work in different office settings and with a variety of patient populations from Rheumatology to Geriatrics. These experiences opened her eyes to the many roles and people who keep the hospital running outside of clinical staff. After graduation, she worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator in the Cancer Center, both supporting patients and managing clinical trials with pharmaceutical sponsors. While here, she realized her desire to impact more than just the handful of patients she could touch in a given day, which led her to consider the field of Public Health. Passion for patient advocacy, operational excellence, and healthcare equity all influenced her decision to pursue a Master’s degree.

Colleen received her Master’s of Public Health in Health Management from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health with a concentration in Public Health Leadership. While in school she had the opportunity to intern at the Medical University of South Carolina in the Radiology division. There she experienced a department heavily impacting many different areas of the hospital. She was able to oversee multiple new initiatives within the department while there, including the opening of a new low-dose CT program.

Colleen is thrilled to be back at MGH and can’t wait to contribute to the incredible work going on all around her.

Past Fellows

Madison HardeeMadison Hardee, MPH
Administrative Manager, Center for International and Specialized Services
Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health

Madison describes her pursuit of a public health career as a pleasant surprise. While attending Boston University, where she studied biochemistry and molecular biology, Madison conducted research in a biochemistry laboratory located on the university’s medical campus in the South End of Boston. With each commute to her laboratory over the course of a year, Madison noticed a population burdened with chronic illness, disability, and various psychosocial needs. It was her exposure to that environment that ignited her deep curiosity for population health, and so her public health journey commenced.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree from Boston University, Madison immediately continued her education at Emory University Rollins School of Public Health where she received her Master of Public Health in Healthcare Management. She focused her studies in healthcare management to better understand how health systems could tailor their operations and strategies to prioritize and demonstrate health care equity.

During her graduate program, Madison fed her passion for population health by working closely with various disadvantaged populations. She assisted a nonprofit launch their COVID-19 Response and Relief Effort Program in partnership with United Way to aid Atlanta’s poverty-stricken community. Additionally, she supported the mission of the Emory Autism Center’s Education and Transition Services team dedicated to the success of transitioning autistic youth.

Madison is eager to join Mass General as an Administrative Fellow and intends to align all her efforts with their commitment to improving the health and well-being of the diverse communities served.

Doug Spivak

Doug Spivak, MPH
Senior Administrative Manager, Orthopaedics Sports Medicine
Yale School of Public Health
2020-2022 Fellowship Class

Doug's desire to pursue a career in public health developed from his fascination with human behavior and interpersonal dynamics. This interest unfolded through Doug's undergraduate studies in Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University where he focused in Organizational Behavior, Economics, and Business, and worked as a leadership training facilitator with Cornell's Outdoor Education Center.
Doug wanted to pursue a career where he could have a positive impact on people and organizations, and realized that his intellectual curiosities and unique educational perspective was a perfect fit for healthcare. Doug became devoted to ensuring the delivery of high-quality, well-coordinated and compassionate patient care.

Doug was introduced to hospital administration during an internship at Stanford Health Care in the Project Management Office. There he gained exposure to the inner mechanics of a high functioning academic medical center.

As part of his graduate studies, Doug interned at Massachusetts General Hospital in Perioperative Services where he contributed to strategic initiatives including financial and operational analytics of da Vinci robotic-assisted surgical systems.

Doug received his Masters of Public Health in Health Care Management from the Yale School of Public Health. At Yale, Doug volunteered at the student-run HAVEN Free Clinic and was President of the American College of Health Care Executives Yale chapter. Doug also worked at the Smilow Cancer Hospital where he led a clinical optimization project to streamline patient check-in.

Doug is thrilled to be back at Mass General as an administrative fellow and hopes to contribute to the management and reversal of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Riley Orrell

Riley Orrell, MHA
Administrative Director of Clinical Operations, Cardiology Division
University of Minnesota
2019-2021 Fellowship Class

Riley was first exposed to healthcare when she started joining her father, a physician, on patient rounds when she was six years old. She admired the impact her father had on patient lives and how he helped them with both medical and social problems. Over time, Riley realized that her father's administrative role as Chief of Staff was equally important to ensuring safe and quality patient care, and often had a larger upstream impact.

Riley received her Bachelor's degree in Healthcare Management and Policy from Indiana University and her Masters in Health Administration from the University of Minnesota. She furthered her education by working in Credentialing and Privileging at Marion General Hospital (Marion, Indiana). During her studies, Riley also worked with a critical access hospital to develop a free standing birthing center, and a large healthcare system to implement an innovative staffing model and recommend partner hospitals to expand their telehospitalist program.

Riley's first exposure to Massachusetts General Hospital was during a summer internship in Mass General's Education department where she contributed to the advancement of many education initiatives and worked on a Mass General Brigham 2.0 team to centralize credentialing services.

Through this experience, she came to truly appreciate the hospital's learning environment, four-pillared mission, and culture of striving for excellence. She is thrilled to be back at Mass General as a fellow! Riley enjoys healthcare because of its significant impact on all people, often during the most vulnerable times in life.

Kerry Maloney

Kerry Maloney, MPH
Senior Administrative Manager, Hospital Medicine Unit
Boston University
2018-2020 Fellowship Class

Originally from the Hudson Valley of New York, Kerry's career in healthcare began while interning in both the patient care services and marketing departments of the largest multi-specialty practice in New York State. It was here, while working with clinical staff and administration that she was involved in numerous patient experience and process improvement projects and quickly became fascinated with the day to-day operations of running a medical practice.

Most importantly, she learned that working as a provider was not the only way to contribute to delivering quality care to patients. While providers are often viewed as the faces of care delivery, there are hundreds of people working behind the scenes and she realized she wanted to play a role in this. Her experience within the group consequently drove her decision to obtain a Master of Public Health in Healthcare Management from Boston University's School of Public Health. During her Master's degree program, she collaborated with Massachusetts General Hospital on a variety of strategic projects as part of her program curriculum and gained experience on the payer side of healthcare while interning at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts in their Corporate Strategy department.

Each time she walks through the doors of Mass General, she is excited by the prospect of working and learning in this environment and is thrilled to begin her fellowship experience.

Yolanda Gonzalez

Yolanda Gonzalez, MPH
Senior Administrative Director, Pediatric Surgical Services (MGfC)
Boston University
2017-2019 Fellowship Class

Yolanda’s passion in public health unfolded through a series of personal experiences navigating a healthcare delivery system located in a rural community - where access to healthcare services was often times limited. After witnessing the harmful and far-reaching effects of an inefficient and inequitable system, she became determined to pursue a career that would allow her to make an impact on reducing healthcare disparities experienced by vulnerable populations.

Though Yolanda’s initial focus was on research, she realized she could make a larger impact through the field of healthcare administration. While in graduate school, she served as a Health Systems Administrative Trainee at the Veterans Affairs Boston Healthcare System, where she worked on a number of process improvement and strategic initiative projects aimed at improving Veteran access to care.

Yolanda graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Sciences, and a certificate in Business Foundations. In 2015, she pursued a Master’s degree in Health Policy and Management at Boston University School of Public Health. Yolanda is thrilled to be a part of the Mass General community and looks forward to the diverse experiences the fellowship will provide.

Amine Dahab, MHA
Administrative Director, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
Ohio State University
2016-2018 Fellowship Class

Amine's strong passion for public health emerged when he first approached the healthcare field from an engineering standpoint by focusing on water treatment. After a brief period working as an engineer, he decided to shift his attention to healthcare systems and policy. This shift was driven by personal encounters with an inefficient and inequitable healthcare system and by a desire to apply engineering and systems-oriented thinking to healthcare. Being native to a developing country, Morocco, he ultimately hopes to build enough expertise to help emerging countries develop robust healthcare systems. His current interests range from strategy and operations to consulting and entrepreneurship.

Amine received a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota and an Master of Health Administration from The Ohio State University, where he graduated as both a Cleverley and Caswell Scholar. During a summer residency at Bridgeport Hospital- Yale New Haven Health, he helped facilitate planning for the occupancy of a multi-specialty outpatient facility. While at The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, he focused on improving efficiency in the operating room and flow of the emergency department.

Amine is enthusiastic about joining MGH and is confident that the administrative fellowship will expose him to all his different interests and prepare him for a leadership role.

Bethany Vollmer Marullo, MBA
Administrative Director, Surgery
Boston College
2015 - 2017 Fellowship Class

After transitioning from active duty military service, Bethany looked for an industry that mirrored aspects of the military lifestyle she enjoyed – working in fast-paced and challenging environments.  Moreover, she knew she needed a career that supported her drive to work on projects with significant impact to the community.  Healthcare proved to do just that and was incredibly complex and engaging. Bethany’s summer internship at Intermountain’s Primary Children’s Hospital (PCH) in Salt Lake City solidified her desire to enter the healthcare field. At PCH, she had the opportunity to spearhead projects focused on enhancing patient care and revising strategic priorities. 

Bethany graduated from the United States Military Academy with a Bachelor’s degree in Leadership and Management. Her active duty Army service culminated as a Military Intelligence Company Commander at Fort Carson, CO following deployments to both Afghanistan and Iraq.  Upon her transition in 2012, she selected Boston College for her Master’s in Business Administration.  She hopes the fellowship program will expose her to numerous roles within the organization while simultaneously supporting her growth in various administrative disciplines.

Allison Castagna, MA, MPH
Yale University
2014 - 2016 Fellowship Class

Allison rather stumbled upon her interest in healthcare, realizing that her most challenging and fulfilling experiences were tied together by the thread of public health. From working at a local health department, to studying maternal and child health abroad in Turkey, to designing and managing health programming for an urban middle school community, to engaging in public relations work for biomedical and medical device clients, Allison’s commitment to healthcare has grown.   

Allison graduated summa cum laude from Lehigh University with a Bachelor’s degree in History and a Master’s degree in Sociology. After working as the Population Health Coordinator for a physician-hospital organization in New Jersey, Allison pursued a Master’s degree in Health Policy and Management at the Yale School of Public Health. She spent a summer away from Yale serving as an Administrative Intern in the Perioperative Services department at New York Presbyterian Hospital. As an Administrative Fellow, Allison is excited to learn from and contribute to an institution as forward-thinking and patient-centered as MGH.

Nga Yan Chow, MPH
Columbia University
2014 - 2015 Fellowship Class

Nga Yan’s interest in healthcare management emerged and developed through a series of family events.  She personally witnessed a case of two brothers who have similar social, genetic, educational, and economic backgrounds, traverse through two contrasting paths of care.  The circumstances in which their experiences diverge in service, process, and quality are what provoked her interest in integrated healthcare delivery mechanisms and the management of these institutions and systems.

Nga Yan also served as a summer intern at the New York Presbyterian Hospital – Columbia Campus, where she supported Milstein Hospital Operations in a variety of projects.  From this ephemeral on-the-ground experience, in addition to synthesizing her academic knowledge of the healthcare system, she concluded that healthcare is one of the most complex industries to ever exist.  Nga Yan’s interest continues to lie at the intersection(s) of healthcare, management, service, quality, safety, and clinical care, in urban academic medical centers.  Prior to transitioning to the healthcare industry, Nga Yan served as a Team Lead in Citi’s Fixed Income Prime Finance Asset Servicing and Payable Research Team in New York, NY.

Nga Yan received her Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and Economics from SUNY Stony Brook, Stony Brook NY. She completed her Master in Public Health, focusing on Health Policy & Management in Columbia University, NY.

Aaron Fishman, MBA
Chief Financial Officer, Mount Auburn Hospital
2013 - 2015 Fellowship Class
Boston College

Aaron has had a wide array of healthcare-related experiences that ultimately led him to the Administrative Fellowship Program at MGH. From early high school through two years of college, Aaron worked in the Transplantation Biology Research Center at MGH as a laboratory technician. Through this experience he developed a deep interest in biology, though he decided not to pursue a career in medicine. After his junior year Aaron worked at MGH as an intern, splitting his time between the newly-formed Vascular Center and the Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine Department of Finance. This exposure convinced him that a business path into the world of healthcare could be immensely rewarding.

After completing his degree in Biology at Boston College, Aaron began working towards his MBA, also at Boston College. This program gave him the opportunity to explore the industry side of healthcare—he worked as an intern at Vertex Pharmaceuticals. After concluding his internship though, Aaron decided to return to MGH as a fellow.

Elisabeth Malin, MS
PBO Billing Manager, MGPO
Harvard University
2013 - 2015 Fellowship Class

Elisabeth’s passion for healthcare was confirmed during her Mount Holyoke College years after several internships in the healthcare industry. These opportunities included, but were not limited to, an MGH internship conducting pancreatic lymphoma outcomes research, as well as an American Cancer Society fellowship placement at the Harvard School of Public Health conducting breast cancer and cervical cancer research.

After graduating magna cum laude from Mount Holyoke College with her B.A. in History and Psychology, Elisabeth spent another year conducting cancer research before attending the Harvard School of Public Health for her M.S. in Health Policy and Management. It was during her graduate school education that Elisabeth found her love for hospital administration. Courses in health policy, healthcare law, and healthcare management combined with hospital administrative internship opportunities at the Harvard University Health Services and Mass General Brigham, redoubled her passion for the hospital administration field and inspired her to apply for the fellowship.

Saira Chaudary, MHA
Process Improvement Project Manager, Dana Farber Cancer Institute 
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health 
2012 - 2014 Fellowship Class

Saira discovered her love for the Healthcare field while participating in various internships throughout college. She spent her summer and winter vacations assisting at hospitals and research centers. She found Healthcare Administration to be a perfect combination of everything she enjoys—leadership, healthcare, economics, finance and law. After graduating cum-laude from Mount Holyoke College with her BA in Economics, she immediately decided to pursue a graduate degree in Healthcare Administration from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

While in graduate school, she completed her one-year Administrative Residency at the Department of Surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. There she delved into projects dealing with physician productivity, the department’s budget, in addition to marketing and planning for a new clinical building at the hospital. After graduation, she worked at Lifespan as a Health Equity Analyst and tackled projects regarding budgets and helping prepare for incoming staff from a recently acquired Cardiology Foundation.

Katy Perkins, MBA, MSIS
Executive Director of Surgical Services, Emerson Health
Boston University 
2012 - 2014 Fellowship Class

Katy first became interested in healthcare during high school when she worked at The Stehlin Foundation for Cancer Research in Houston, TX. She continued to gain experience by working at Geisinger Medical Center during college. Following graduation she became a Research Coordinator for SpineCare Medical Group in San Francisco, CA, responsible for coordinating FDA trials and conducting the group's independent studies. During her time at SpineCare, she also managed the New Patient Department and carried out process improvement projects.

Katy received a BS in Math and Healthcare Economics from Bucknell University. She just completed an MBA in Health Sector Management and an MS in Information Systems at Boston University. While at Boston University, Katy interned at Children's Hospital where she participated in Lean management projects.

Keith Marple, MS, MBA
Boston University
2011 - 2013 Fellowship Class

Keith began his healthcare career at Maine Medical Center, an academic medical center in Portland, Maine. While serving in several roles across the institution and its corporate parent, Keith developed an enduring passion for the healing mission of academic medical centers. He decided to devote his career to improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of medical care.

Keith received his BS in Computer Science from the University of Southern Maine. He completed an MBA in Health Sector Administration and an MS in Information Systems at Boston University. While attending graduate school, he earned an internship at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where he helped accomplish a full supply chain management redesign.

Outside of work Keith spends all of his time with his wife Yin and daughters Bea, Anna, and Kate. Together, they visit museums, eat well, travel, and generally have a good time.

Calvin Richardson, MHA
Program Director, Population Health Management
Yale School of Public Health 
2011 - 2013 Fellowship Class

Calvin’s interests in healthcare began as an undergraduate but further evolved while working for a health information technology consultancy in Boston. His work focused on leveraging electronic medical records in the active health management of low resource populations in and around Boston. His current interests include hospital operations and healthcare services delivery research and innovation.

Calvin received his AB from Dartmouth College in anthropology while minoring in health and public policy. He also received a Master’s of Public Health in Health Management from Yale University. While at Yale, Calvin interned under the Chief Quality Officer at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York.

When not at work Calvin enjoys the outdoors and being active in the Boston music scene. He runs, cycles, hikes and plays rugby as well as guitar and bass.

Lauren Lebrun, MHA
Administrative Director, Orthopaedics
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 
2010 - 2013 Fellowship Class

Before venturing into the administrative arena of healthcare, Lauren received a B.S. in Microbiology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and went on to work on drug and vaccine research within the Division of Infectious Diseases at MGH.

While obtaining her Masters in Healthcare Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Lauren completed a teaching assistantship in healthcare financial management and a summer internship within the Quality Strategies Department at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Lauren, a Massachusetts native, is happy to be home and thrilled to return to MGH to pursue her professional interests which include hospital operations, process and quality improvement, and finance.

Doug Henderson, MBA
Neuroscience and Orthopedics Service Line Director, Parker Adventist Hospital
Boston University 
2009-2011 Fellowship Class

"The Fellowship was an invaluable experience. Over the course of two years, I was able to work on a variety of interesting projects while rotating through key areas of the hospital. It also provided me the opportunity to see our hospital's leadership at work and to get a first hand account of how important decisions are considered and made at MGH. I am sure that the experience I gained and the network I developed during the Fellowship will last with me throughout my career."

Danielle Le Hals, MPH
Enterprise Vice President, Anesthesiology
University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health 
2009-2011 Fellowship Class

"The Administrative Fellowship was a wonderful experience for me in every way. The projects I've participated in over the two years have taught me critical skills in problem-solving, strategic thinking, and decision-making. Along with these technical skills, I am grateful for the opportunity to meet, work with, and learn from so many brilliant people across the organization. I am sure I will count on these relationships for many years to come. I feel confident that the fellowship has provided me with a strong foundation to be successful as a healthcare administrator."

Avital Levy Carlis
University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health 
2008-2010 Fellowship Class

"The MGH Administrative Fellow experience has helped me tremendously. The unique opportunity to work with various departments exposed me to differing perspectives on complex issues, a myriad of role groups, and professional 'languages' that I otherwise would not have been exposed to. Analyzing problems from competing perspectives has helped in making key relationships and creating programs going forward. Everyday it is still clear to me how much I learned from the MGH fellowship program."

Jennifer Hood
Project Manager, Mission Bay Operations Planning
UCSF Medical Center
University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health 
2008-2010 Fellowship Class

"I truly enjoyed my time in the MGH Administrative Fellowship program. By rotating through multiple departments I was able to learn about a variety of subjects and connect with people across the institution. I gained much insight into how to get things done in a place of this size and complexity and the effectiveness of different management styles. Additionally, the mentoring provided by the senior leadership team during (and after) the program is a once in a lifetime opportunity. At the end of the two years I found the relationships that I built were the most rewarding part. I constantly draw upon things and people I learned through the fellowship and strongly believe I will continue to do so throughout my career."

Dee Dee Chen
Director of Professional Staff Compensation and Benefits
Harvard University, T.H. Chan School of Public Health 
2007-2009 Fellowship Class

"After spending so many years in school learning about finance, health policy, strategic planning, etc I finally had the opportunity to apply that knowledge and develop the practical skills that are so important to any organization. The MGH Fellowship experience was one of the most invaluable learning opportunities I have been afforded. During the fellowship, each rotation offered me an exclusive perspective from which to view the health care delivery system of a large academic medical center. Having these different vantage points fosters one's ability to think across different stakeholders, cultivating well-rounded, inclusive, and diverse solutions, making an Administrative Fellow an attractive asset to just about any organization."

Olako Agburu, MPH, MBA
Market Access Manager, GlaxoSmithKline Nigeria
University of California, Berkeley 
2007-2009 Fellowship Class

"This was an awesome journey! From beginning to end, there was never a dull moment in the MGH Administrative Fellowship program. My mentors allowed me to express and execute my ideas in a manner that exceeded my expectations and empowered me to explore and do more. My analytical skills were challenged, my team building capabilities strengthened and somehow I found the courage to confront difficult situations with innovative alternatives. The past 24 months set a firm foundation for my career in health care, and I look forward to exploiting what I’ve learned in all aspects of my life. Advice to future applicants: Embrace the challenge. Persevere!"

Natalie Nguyen, MPH
Associate Director of Research Core Facilities, Mass General Brigham Research Management
Yale School of Public Health
2006-2008 Fellowship Class

"One of the main reasons I chose the MGH Fellowship was to gain exposure to high level thinking and senior leadership at a major academic medical center early on in my career. The MGH has exemplary leaders who have created opportunities for me to observe and work on projects to advance my leadership, project management, strategic thinking and operational skills. The rotational aspect of the Fellowship provided me not only the competencies required of an effective administrator, but also the unique perspective on management seen from the bottom up (via my role as an Operations Associate during Patient Care Services Rotation) and the top down (via the Corporate/Public Affairs rotation.) It's undeniably a worthwhile and enriching experience."

Angela Marquez, MPH
Administrative Director, Division of Transplant Surgery
UCLA School of Public Health 
2006-2008 Fellowship Class

"The MGH Administrative Fellowship has allowed me to participate in projects with various departments within the organization. Through each rotation and with each project, I have developed relationships with front-line employees, unit staff, managers, and the executive leadership team. This exposure has contributed significantly to my understanding of the multi-faceted nature of the various entities within the MGH and how they relate to one another. My experience has been enriched by the opportunity to work with so many employees at all levels throughout the organization. The MGH Administrative Fellowship is ideal for candidates who are self-motivated and interested in learning about health care management in a large, complex academic medical center."

Akinluwa Demehin, MPH
Senior Associate Director, Policy, American Hospital Association
Yale University, School of Public Health 
2005–2007 Fellowship Class

"The fellowship was awesome. You are exposed to a vast array of work settings and learning experiences. As I've made the transition into an administrative role at the MGH, I still find the broad organizational knowledge I gained through the fellowship valuable. I always felt my preceptors and mentors took my learning seriously and went out of their way to make sure I was getting something valuable out of my experiences."

Max Gomez, MPH
Corporate Director, System Sterile Operations & Logistics, North Shore-LIJ Health System 
Yale University, School of Public Health 
2004-2006 Fellowship Class

"The administrative fellowship is like a liberal arts education in healthcare administration. Each rotation offers a new perspective and each new perspective contributes in a different way to the overall development of one's ability to create and follow arguments, tease out the important from the trivial,understand new concepts, and adapt one's approach to designing and implementing solutions. With the healthcare industry evolving at an increasingly rapid pace,the skills developed during the fellowship become invaluable to not only your success, but that of your institution."

Meg Vitter, MHA
Assistant Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, LCMC Health System
Tulane University, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine 
2001-2003 Fellowship Class

"The fellowship allowed me the opportunity to rotate through a variety of areas in hospital administration and determine which of those best suit my professional goals and my personality. It was just as important to learn what I didn't like to do as it was to determine what work environments and activities I do enjoy. In each rotation I was also able to work w/ a different mentor and experience and learn from a variety of different leadership styles. This experience coupled with the tremendous support and guidance given to the fellows during their 2 year positions was invaluable. If given the chance to do over, I would choose the MGH Administrative Fellowship again. I don't know of any other first job positions post graduate school that allow you the exposure, the mentoring and the depth and breadth of experiences that are presented to you throughout the fellowship."

Shea Sherrod Asfaw
Chief of Staff, Office of the President
University of Michigan, School of Public Health 
2001-2003 Fellowship Class

"As someone coming directly from graduate school with little work experience the MGH Administrative Fellowship was a perfect foundation for my budding career. Working on high level projects with senior leadership as well as assuming actual staff roles throughout various rotations provided me with a unique perspective in healthcare management that many never experience. Being able to move through different jobs and departments also helped me to define what types of roles that I really do and do not enjoy. Rarely a day goes by when I do not use some tidbit of information or lesson learned while in the fellowship. It has proven to be an invaluable experience."

Andrea Paciello, MHSA, FACHE
Executive Director, Teaching & Education
University of Michigan, School of Public Health 
2001-2003 Fellowship Class

"The best part of the MGH Administrative Fellowship is the variety of hospital functions and role groups - at all levels - with which you have the opportunity to work and interact. By the end of the two years, I definitely felt like I knew how academic medical centers are structured and what is involved in making them run. I loved the fact that I was able to identify projects that interested me and then have people gladly welcome me to help out and contribute on those projects. The fellowship definitely fosters a spirit of learning, and the culture at MGH rewards and recognizes excellence and collaboration. I could not have made a better professional choice than electing to accept the MGH Administrative Fellowship - I credit it with laying a rock solid foundation for the rest of my career in hospital administration."

Heidi Model Collins
Director of Financial Applications, UCSF
Yale School of Epidemiology and Public Health 
2000-2002 Fellowship Class

"The breadth of scope for the fellowship opened up a lot of doors for me in my future positions. Being able to understand and follow a process across departments, divisions, and entities has been an important skillset. My Human Resources rotation also helped prepare me for the realities of managing and effectively motivating staff."

Javier Malave
Director Ejecutivo de Operaciones
Hospital Episcopal San Lucas (Puerto Rico) 
1998-2000 Fellowship Class

"One of the main issues healthcare administrators run into is lack of credibility when it comes to clinical issues if you don't have a clinical background. The MGH fellowship experience allowed me to understand the importance of clinical judgment in decision making. The experience there made me aware of this to the point where clinical input factors into almost every decision I make. The difference in outcomes when you take this approach is incredible and it enriches the culture of your organization. When I started there I never thought experiencing the clinical setting would be the most important lesson I learned."

Sandy Dodge McGee
Executive Director, Mass General for Children and Mass General Brigham Pediatrics
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Public Health 
1998-2000 Fellowship Class

"I wouldn't trade my fellowship experience for the world. I was able to test my skills from graduate school while also continuing to learn. The preceptors were exceptional and the project options never ending. This experience positioned me well for my first job out of the fellowship and prepared me for the work to come. I still maintain relationships with many of my preceptors and they have continued to help me learn and grow professionally. The fellowship was truly an invaluable experience."

Sally Mason Boemer
Senior Vice President of Finance
University of Michigan, School of Public Health 
1993-1995 Fellowship Class

"Prior to the MGH Fellowship program I did not intend to pursue a career in Finance. The core rotations provided a unique opportunity to interact with and be evaluated by preceptors in a variety of settings. This structure provided me with the perfect mix of broad exposure and practical work experience that enhanced my understanding of hospital operations and has given me more credibility in decision making than a more traditionally trained CFO."

Gregory J. Pauly
Chief Operating Officer, MGPO
Ohio State University, College of Medicine 
1992-1994 Fellowship Class

"I chose the MGH Fellowship in order to gain a broad exposure to hospital operations. Through the rotations a fellow is given exposure to several key areas and asked to work as both a line manager and staff/project manager. This experience allowed me to focus my interest in healthcare while at the same time it gave me a broad based understanding of the key interdependencies that exist within a hospital and how they work together."

Thomas W. Schultz
Director of Asset Management
Medical Properties Trust, Inc. 
1973-1975 Fellowship Class

"I use the knowledge gained in the MGH Administrative Fellowship every day that I work. What I use ranges from conceptual and strategic thinking skills to knowledge of the details of the operation of individual patient care units. It includes a very keen appreciation of the physician-patient relationship that was garnered during my clinical administration rotation. Each additional rotation added skills and provided experiences which helped me grow both professional and personally. While health care technology and the delivery of it has advanced considerably over the past 35 years, most of the things I learned have not changed and are as critical to my success now as they were during my Fellowship. It was truly a transforming experience for me, personally and one that I cherish.

Positions Held By Former MGH Fellows
  • Chief Financial Officer, Mass General Brigham
  • Chief Executive Officer, Barnes Jewish Healthcare System
  • Chief Financial Officer, MGH
  • Assistant Administrator, Charles River Medical Associates, MGH
  • Senior Project Manager, Mass General Brigham
  • PACS System Manager, MGH Department of Radiology
  • Director of Primary Care, Massachusetts General Physicians Organization
  • Senior Consultant, MGH Radiology Consulting Group
  • Financial Analyst, MGH Budget Office
  • Administrative Director, Pediatric Surgical Services, MGH
  • Information Systems Consultant, MGH Clinical Information Systems
  • Vice President, Support Services, Brigham and Women's Hospital
  • Executive Director, Pediatrics, Massachusetts General Hospital for Children
  • Executive Director, Primary Care, MGH
  • Senior Administrative Director, Radiation Oncology, MGH
  • Administrative Director: Burns, Plastic Surgery, & Trauma, MGH
  • Administrative Manager, Emergency Services, MGH
  • Administrative Director, Quality and Safety, MGH
  • Administrative Director, Division of Transplant Surgery
  • Senior Manager, Revenue Control and Cash Applications, Patients Accounts Department, Mass General Brigham
  • Director of Core Facility Operations and Business Planning for BWH (Mass General Brigham)
  • Director of Health Management Program, Yale School of Public Health
  • Vice President, Health and Education, Boston Medical Center
  • Director of Clinical Operations - Department of Medicine, Brown University
  • Assistant Vice President, Clinical Services, Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Senior Manager, KPMG/Peat Marwick
  • Director of Health Services, Salomon Brothers, New York
  • Administrative Director: Burns, Plastic Surgery, & Trauma, MGH
  • Administrative Director: MGH/MGPO Center for Quality and Safety
  • Administrative Director: Radiation Oncology, MGH
  • Administrative Manager: Critical Care, MGH
  • Administrative Manager: OR Administration, MGH
  • Administrative Manager: Pediatric Cardiology at Mount Sinai Medical Center
  • Assistant Vice President: Business Development, Small Business
  • Consultant: Corporate Benefits, MGH
  • Law Student: University of Washington School of Law
  • Manager of Revenue Control and Cash Reconciliation: Patients Accounts Department, Mass General Brigham
  • Operations Manager: Cardiology, MGH
  • Senior Planning Specialist: Clinic Administration at Stanford Hospital and Clinics
  • Senior Project Manager: Massachusetts General Physicians Organization
  • Administrative Director, Division of Transplant Surgery, MGH
  • Director of Core Facility Operations and Business Planning for BWH (Mass General Brigham)
Graduate Programs Represented in the Fellowship
  • Boston University
  • Duke University
  • Emory University
  • Harvard University
  • Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
  • Ohio State University
  • Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Rush University
  • Tulane University
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Iowa
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • University of Puerto Rico
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Washington University, St. Louis
  • The Wharton School at Univ. of Pennsylvania
  • Yale University