The culture of academic medical centers, especially that at Massachusetts General Hospital, is one of innovation, passion, and advancement of the status quo.

As a patient at Mass General, you will benefit from this environment in constant pursuit of excellence. Our faculty and staff go above and beyond to provide superior care and are equipped with the most recent clinical trials and opportunities for continued education. In addition, faculty physicians learn from teaching others and explaining their decisions to learners. Because Mass General is an academic medical center, your doctor may introduce you to learners of all levels who will serve on your care team. Learners bring a unique, unbiased perspective to your care, and consider options others may overlook. The educational opportunities at Mass General attract the most talented learners, some of whom are already licensed providers who have chosen to continue their training in a more specialized field. As such, you can be confident that all members of your care team will work together to provide the best quality care.

The Blum Patient and Family Learning Center

The Maxwell & Eleanor Blum Patient and Family Learning Center, commonly known as the Blum Center, is a relaxed and comfortable place for patients, families and friends to find accurate health information with help from trained staff.

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