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The Fitzgerald Laboratory research centers on cardiovascular disease, cholesterol metabolism and innate immunity. This effort is anchored by investigation of the efflux transporter ABCA1, which exports cholesterol and phospholipid from cells in the first step of HDL biogenesis. HDL is a lipoprotein whose blood level is inversely correlated with cardiovascular disease. Tangier patients with ABCA1 mutations develop premature vascular disease, peripheral neuropathies and lack circulating HDL. ABCA1 poly-morphisms are also of diagnostic interest, since they exert a strong influence on HDL levels in the general population.

Additionally, we investigate how HIV infection and antiretroviral treatment can alter HDL function and cardiovascular disease risk. Here the Fitzgerald Laboratory has developed methods to profile HDL from HIV positive individuals using mass spectrometry methods to quantitate protein and lipid content in this athero-protective lipoprotein. Additional work has analyzed how the HIV Nef protein reprograms macrophage lipid metabolism to maximize virion envelope production. Importantly, we have found that activation of the LXR nuclear hormone receptor strongly inhibits viremia in a humanized mouse model of HIV disease.

Finally, we are analyzing the mechanisms by which formation of cholesterol crystals in the artery wall can incite inflammatory processes through molecular pathways that involve a cellular multi-protein complex termed the “inflammasome”. This collaborative work with the laboratory of Eicke Latz has suggested cyclodextrin, a carrier molecule for hydrophobic drugs, has potential to be repurposed as an anti-atherosclerotic therapy that, in part, reprograms macrophage LXR transcriptional networks.

Research Support

HDL prevention of cholesterol crystal inflammation in HIV disease

Contact PI: Fitzgerald ML; mPI: Latz, E
9/1/12 - 6/30/17

This basic and translational grant explores the relationship between HIV infection, anti-retroviral therapy, and the ability of HDL to prevent vessel wall cholesterol crystal inflammation.

HIV disease and cholesterol metabolism

R01 HL101274-01A1
Co-PI: Fitzgerald ML; Contact PI: Bukrinsky, M

This grant explores the role that HIV infection and antiretroviral drug therapy play in causing dyslipidemia and increased risk of cardiovascular disease in HIV positive individual. The role of the Fitzgerald lab is to develop a HDL proteomic and lipid profiling procedure to monitor changes in HDL composition during the acute infection period and subsequent drug treatment phase.


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