How can we reduce the environmental impact of inhaled treatments whilst simultaneously improving the quality of care that we deliver? These are some key challenges facing physicians managing chronic respiratory disease in 2023. Pressurised metered dose inhalers contain powerful greenhouse gases that contribute disproportionately to healthcare's greenhouse gas emissions. Most of these emissions come from reliever inhalers in patients with poorly controlled disease. In this talk Dr. Wilkinson will discuss the extent of the problem, and explore opportunities to work alongside patients to improve disease control at the same time as reducing environmental impacts.


Alex Wilkinson, MD
Dr. Wilkinson completed undergraduate medical training at Cambridge University before qualifying in clinical medicine from Oxford University in 2005. He works with the British Thoracic Society on sustainable respiratory care and is part of NHS England's inhaler experts working group. Dr. Wilkinson is also a chapter lead author for the United Nations Medical Chemical Technical Options committee as an expert on inhaled therapies.

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