Tips for Creating a Sustainable Laboratory

The Center for the Environment and Health (CEH) at Massachusetts General Hospital offers a variety of tips to support members of the research and health care community with creating a sustainable laboratory space. The tip sheet includes an overview of general approaches to decrease the environmental footprint of research and minimize energy/carbon emissions, toxic chemicals, water and solid waste. Implementing these measures and being mindful of energy and resource use will help to create a more environmentally efficient lab environment.

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Request a Consultation With Our Team

Members of the research and health care community who are interested in making their laboratories and research processes more environmentally sustainable may request a customized consultation with our team. Upon request, a member of our team will reach out to arrange a visit to your lab to help you conduct an on-site assessment of opportunities for emissions, toxins and waste minimization. We also partner with My Green Lab, an international nonprofit organization through which labs can become certified, often improving efficiency and saving money and resources.

We provide custom educational materials to benefit other members of the lab, including:

  • A slide presentation on the relationship between climate change, pollution and other environmental influences on the diseases studied in your lab
  • General education on the specific impact of the health care and research sectors, as well as things people can do to make an impact

We can work with you to:

  • Identify metrics for potential publication in peer-reviewed journals relevant to your area of research
  • Provide ongoing consultations to assess whether the changes made an impact, and to assess barriers and the impact of the changes over a longer time frame

To request a consult, please email us at and include a completed copy of the consult request form.

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The Center for the Environment and Health (CEH) works with leadership at Mass General to integrate environmental sustainability into the clinical, research and educational activities of the hospital.