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    LCA-march-may-2024. LCA-march-may-2024. Spring 2024 dates: March 11-12 & May 1-2, 2024 The healthcare sector is a large producer of greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution and we urgently need evidence-driven solutions to address the

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    Supporting Regenerative Agriculture with Yellow Pea Falafel2023-10-18

    Supporting Regenerative Agriculture with Yellow Pea Falafel. Supporting Regenerative Agriculture with Yellow Pea Falafel. In the fall of 2022, Brigham and Women’s Hospital partnered with Health Care Without Harm, CommonWealth Kitchen, and Aurora

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    Life Cycle Assessment Boot Camp: LCA for the Health Sector2023-10-04

    This course will provide an introduction into the use of life cycle assessment in the healthcare sector and will provide mentorship for participants to perform their own desired LCA study through the duration of the course.

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    09-20-2023-regenerative-agriculture. 09-20-2023-regenerative-agriculture. “Regenerative agriculture” is a label given to a bundle of farming methods said to be better than conventional (“industrial”) farming, not only for soil health and

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