This webinar was co-hosted by the Center for the Environment and Health at Massachusetts General Hospital and the MGH Institute of Health Professions (IHP) Center for Climate Change, Climate Justice, and Health.


This webinar was divided into two parts:

  1. Traffic-related Air Pollution and Childhood Health

Traffic-related air pollution (TRAP) has important adverse effects on childhood health. Dr. Carlos A. Camargo reviewed recent studies on TRAP and asthma/allergy, including new findings from his ongoing multicenter US-based cohorts. He outlined his plans for mechanistic research on the topic and briefly summarized compelling scientific evidence to support policy changes to decrease the adverse health effects of TRAP.

  1. The Worst-Case Scenario: Medical and Humanitarian Effects of Nuclear Weapons and Avenues for Clinician Advocacy

The invasion of Ukraine has led to devastating humanitarian consequences and has turned public attention back to the threat of nuclear weapons. What would be the effects of the use of these weapons? While most people would prefer to avoid even thinking about this question, a large body of research has been built over the past 77 years in answer. The climate effects of a nuclear exchange are of particular importance to nuclear policy. We reviewed this evidence as well as the actions clinicians and their allies have taken to change the course of nuclear weapons policy and reduce the risk of nuclear war.

Featured Speakers

Carlos A. Camargo, MD, DrPH

Professor of Emergency Medicine, MGH/HMS

Joseph Hodgkin, MD

Assistant in Medicine, Hospital Medicine Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital
Instructor at Harvard Medical School
Board Member at Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility

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