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    fossil-fuels-november-2023. fossil-fuels-november-2023. As you hear announcements of the latest manifestations of the global climate crisis, do you wonder how they might be affecting your patients, and what you can do in your clinical practice to

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    Supporting Regenerative Agriculture with Yellow Pea Falafel

    A panel of experts discuss the introduction of yellow pea falafel into the Brighan and Women's Hospital kitchen. Yellow peas are a regenerative crop that can help increase plant-based food options and reduce food-related greenhouse gas emissions.

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    grand-rounds-6-21-2023. grand-rounds-6-21-2023. This talk will explore the role that human health ‘co-benefits’ can play in decisions about climate mitigation policy. It will discuss the potential for health co-benefits to motivate climate action

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    grand-rounds-may-17-2023. grand-rounds-may-17-2023. How can we reduce the environmental impact of inhaled treatments whilst simultaneously improving the quality of care that we deliver? These are some key challenges facing physicians managing chronic

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