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    Supporting Regenerative Agriculture with Yellow Pea Falafel

    A panel of experts discuss the introduction of yellow pea falafel into the Brighan and Women's Hospital kitchen. Yellow peas are a regenerative crop that can help increase plant-based food options and reduce food-related greenhouse gas emissions.

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    grand-rounds-6-21-2023. grand-rounds-6-21-2023. This talk will explore the role that human health ‘co-benefits’ can play in decisions about climate mitigation policy. It will discuss the potential for health co-benefits to motivate climate action

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    grand-rounds-may-17-2023. grand-rounds-may-17-2023. How can we reduce the environmental impact of inhaled treatments whilst simultaneously improving the quality of care that we deliver? These are some key challenges facing physicians managing chronic

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    2023-3-15-climate-smart-health-care-new. 2023-3-15-climate-smart-health-care-new. Momentum for climate action in the health care sector is increasing rapidly. From national and international policies and commitments to bedside patient care decisions

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