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(tentative) 31st Annual Richard Smith Day & 7th Annual Jupiter Forum2022-05-13

This two-day course offers interactive learning formats that include debates, Q&A, case presentations, didactic lectures and group discussions. Participants will benefit from immediate feedback on where concepts and practices fit within the best evidence and standard approaches.

  • continuing medical education

(tentative) April 2022: Primary Care Orthopaedics2022-04-28

The goal of this two-day course is to address the outpatient care of common musculoskeletal problems by primary care providers. The diagnosis and non-surgical management of musculoskeletal disorders will be covered in lectures, case discussions, and video demonstrations of examination and injection techniques.

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Skin Cancer and Sun Protection2021-05-24

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the US. It is also one of the most preventable types. As you start to peel back the winter layers to enjoy the start of summer, join Dr. Shinjita Das to learn more about sun protective measures, different forms of skin cancers, and when to see your doctor about a concerning skin lesion.

  • continuing medical education

Midlife Womens Health CME 20212021-05-14

Midlife Women’s Health 2021 provides a multi-disciplinary approach to the care of menopausal women. This is a virtual conference with live-streamed interactive Q&A and expert panel sessions

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Connecting Through the Power of Music and Movement2021-05-13

Since the beginning of time, humans have come together through music and movement to heal from isolation and loneliness. Join Norie Mozzone for an innovative seated movement class based on Ageless Grace, a wellness program based on the science of neuroplasticity where the brain and nervous system have the ability to change form and function. We will play with unique tools steeped in creative expression to promote joint mobility, right-left brain coordination, bone density, balance, confidence, kinesthetic learning, and systemic health. This will all be done with upbeat, positive music.

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Meeting People Where They Are: Increasing Access to Cancer and Mental Health Care2021-05-11

People who have serious mental illness are more than twice as likely to die from cancer, less likely to receive timely, high-quality cancer care, and more likely to be excluded from research. Join us to learn more about how the Collaborative Care and Community Engagement Program strives to improve cancer treatment for patients with mental illness.

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Struggling and Strength: Tips to Build Resiliency in Children2021-05-06

When faced with challenging or stressful situations, learning how to adapt and overcome is an important skill for overall wellbeing. This is called building resiliency skills. Aude Henin, PhD, co-director of the MGH Child Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Program and clinical co-director of the MGH Child Resiliency Program, will share tips to help your child or teen cope with challenges or stressors and how you can help build a support system for yourself and your family to encourage a sense of resilience in children.

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How to Complete a Massachusetts Health Care Proxy Form2021-04-30

What would happen if you had a sudden illness, injury, or accident that prevented you from making decisions about your medical care? You have the right to make your wishes about health care decisions known and respected, even if you can’t make them yourself. Learn how to complete a Massachusetts Health Care Proxy form that allows you to choose a person you trust to speak for you if you are unable to speak for yourself.

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Program Conclusion (Online Program)2021-04-30

Dr. Kurz and various providers, a summation of learned concepts from pain psychology, mind body therapies and stress management, with time for group experience and reflection.

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