The Massachusetts General Hospital Heart and Vascular Centers Patient and Family Advisory Council is an important and integral group that provides input and feedback to a variety of service-related and institutional initiatives related to practice, programs, patient safety and innovation.

This has been a long-standing group of very active members from all areas of both the Heart and Vascular Centers. The unique perspectives of the individuals help provide valuable guidance and perspectives to existing and newly proposed programs, models of care and practice. All join with the goal to enhance the patient experience while maintaining the excellent patient- and family-centered care that is a hallmark of the Heart and Vascular Centers at Mass General.


To ensure that the voices of patients and families are represented in a multidisciplinary effort to enhance the experience of care at Mass General.

What Is a PFAC?

A patient and family advisory council (PFAC) is a committee made up of patients, family members and health care professionals who meet regularly and work in mutually beneficial partnership to:

  • Integrate patient/family voices in the development and shaping of programs, services and initiatives
  • Enhance focus on continuous improvement of care experiences

What Do Patient/Family Advisors Do?

  • Participate in regular PFAC meetings
  • Participate in committees and initiatives across the organization
  • Review and provide feedback on educational materials and resources
  • Provide input into a variety of strategic initiatives, facility design and development of new services and offerings
  • Participate in staff training initiatives
  • Recognize care teams and staff who demonstrate excellence in providing optimal experiences
  • Share stories about care experiences

Mass General has several PFACs, which span services and settings, as well as service- and department-specific advisory councils. For more information about Mass General PFACs, please see the 2019-2020 Mass General PFAC Annual Report (PDF).

Inside a PFAC meeting

More Information

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