Alumni Association

All current fellows and full-time faculty members within the Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital are also members of the Paul Dudley White Society, an alumni association and valued tradition at the hospital. The rich and diverse network of alumni includes leaders in cardiology both nationally and internationally and provides a unique opportunity for our current fellows to establish professional networks.

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Recurrent events include:

  • Annual Peter M. Yurchak MD Cardiology Grand Rounds Lectureship: This is an annual lectureship spearheaded by our current fellows in memory of Dr. Yurchak. Fellows propose and help select a Lecturer to invite. In addition to the Grand Rounds Lecture, fellows have the opportunity to interface with the Lecturer during dinner and informal sessions focused on career development and case presentations.
  • Previous Lecturers include:
    • 2011 – Valentin Fuster
    • 2012 – Eugene Braunwald
    • 2013 – Douglas Mann
    • 2014 – Donald Lloyd-Jones
    • 2015 – Rick Nishimura
    • 2016 – Robert Harrington
    • 2017 – Mariell Jessup
    • 2018 – Jessica Mega
    • 2019 – Clyde Yancy
  • Fellow Appreciation Day
  • Fellow Welcome Reception
  • Fellow Graduation Ceremony
  • PDW reunion including scientific dinner and celebration
  • Fellow Interviews of Cardiology Grand Rounds Speakers: Each week, one of our current fellows has the opportunity to interview the invited Grand Rounds speaker (see below for two examples). Fellows also get to interact with speakers in informal career mentoring sessions.
1st year class of 2015
  • Bernard, Samuel MD
  • Churchill, Timothy MD
  • Cigarroa, Ricardo MD
  • Kim, Yuri PhD, MD
  • Patel, Nilay MD
  • Zlotoff, Daniel PhD, MD
1st year class of 2014
  • Aragam, Krishna MD
  • Blumenthal, Daniel MD
  • Guseh, James Sawalla MD
  • Leyton-Mange, Jordan MD
  • Sarma, Amy MD
  • Tanguturi, Varsha MD
1st year class of 2013
  • Chatterjee, Neal MD
  • Khera, Amit MD
  • Nakamura, Kenta MD
  • Osborne, Michael MD
  • Stefanescu, Ada MD
  • Zhang, Mary MD
1st year class of 2012
  • Hucker, William MD, PhD
  • Lin, Jeffrey MD
  • Ong, Daniel MD
  • Partida, Ramon MD
  • Secemsky, Eric MD
  • Tabtabai, Sara MD
1st year class of 2011
  • Asnani, Aarti MD
  • Brettman, Ari MD
  • Clarke, Jonathan MD
  • Houstis, Nicholas MD, PhD
  • Mauer, Andreas MD
  • Natarajan, Pradeep MD
1st year class of 2010
  • Abtahian, Farhad MD, PhD
  • Homsy, Jason MD, PhD
  • Onuma, Oyere MD
  • Rhee, David MD, PhD
  • Wasfy, Jason MD, PhM
  • Zilinski, Jodi MD
1st year class of 2009
  • Dudzinski, David MD
  • Ferencik, Maros MD, PhD
  • Kostis, William MD, PhD
  • Panagia, Marcello MD, PhD
  • Shah, Ravi MD
  • Upadhyay, Gaurav MD
1st year class of 2008
  • Altman, Robert, MD
  • Baron, Suzanne, MD
  • Chaudhuri, Dipayan, MD, PhD
  • Fradley, Michael, MD
  • Neilan, Tomas, MD
  • Sturzu, Anthony, MD
1st year class of 2007
  • Calfon, Marcella MD, PhD
  • Hartzell, Maryanne MD
  • Kakkar, Rahul MD
  • Malhotra, Rajeev MD
  • Noseworthy, Peter MD
  • Reingold, Jason MD
1st year class of 2006
  • Deo, Rahul MD, PhD
    Merchant, Faisal MD
    Nallamshetty, Shriram MD
    O’Donoghue, Michelle MD
    Weiner, Rory MD
    Yi, B. Alex MD, PhD
1st year class of 2005
  • Baggish, Aaron MD
  • Becker, Jason MD
  • Bhatia, Rinky MD
  • Chan, Stephen MD, PhD
  • Keebler, Mary MD
  • Ptaszek, Leon MD, PhD

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