About “You Belong in Cardiology (YBIC)”  

To address the underrepresentation of women and minority physicians and allied professionals in Cardiology, we aim to implement a mentorship and career exploration program to increase the pipeline of underrepresented groups in the field. 

“We aim to INSPIRE students, CULTIVATE an interest in cardiology, FOSTER long-term mentorship relationships and DEVELOP the pipeline of future cardiologists and allied professionals in cardiology from diverse backgrounds.”  

The “You Belong in Cardiology” program started as an initiative in the cardiology program as a Mass General Cardiology Fellowship Award in 2022, granted to first-year cardiology fellow Dr. Giselle A. Suero Abreu with the support of Dr. Doreen DeFaria Yeh, cardiology fellowship director, and Dr. Malissa Wood, associate chief of diversity and inclusion. You Belong in Cardiology was also inspired by the successful program “I Look Like a Cardiologist” founded in 2019 by Dr. Kathryn Berlacher and the Mass General Youth Scholars Program, in partnership with the Mass General Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) and Center for Community and Health Improvement (CCHI). 

Our Commitment: Mass General is committed to innovative solid strategies as part of the We Belong mission in the Division of Cardiology and the Cardiology Fellowship Program to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

The Scope of the issue: This section can summarize the unsettling facts about heart disease in minorities and the underrepresentation of minorities in the cardiology field. 

Program dates: Fall 2023 

Contact Information: You Belong in Cardiology Program: - email, phone 

Program Details

General plan: Our goal is to cultivate future cardiologists and allied professionals in the field of cardiology from diverse backgrounds. We aim to expose 10th-grade students who self-identify as a racial or ethnic minority, LGBTQIA+, potential first-generation college student, or of a disadvantaged socioeconomic to the field of cardiology and its allied professions. We hope this program will familiarize students with cardiology and foster mentorship relationships.  

Program Structure: The mentoring program will include four group sessions for participants to be exposed to the work in cardiology and interact with cardiologists from diverse backgrounds with opportunities for questions and one-on-one connection. This interactive session will include workshops on different career pathways and engaging workshops, including hands-on CPR training and heart dissections. Each student will be paired with a current physician and fellow who can provide longitudinal mentoring throughout their career journey.  

Meet our leadership team

Fellow: Giselle A. Suero Abreu, MD, Ph.D. MSc 

Senior Mentorship: Malissa Wood, MD and Doreen DeFaria Yeh, MD 

Co-fellow mentorship: Njambi Mathenge MD, MPH, Kemar Brown MD 

Meet our mentors

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