International Patient Center

Our coordinators help overseas patients access high-quality care at Mass General.

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Guided by the needs of our patients and their families, Massachusetts General Hospital aims to deliver the very best health care in a safe, compassionate environment; to advance that care through innovative research and education, and to improve the health and well-being of the diverse communities we serve.

The International Patient Center at Massachusetts General Hospital is a full-service office that helps overseas patients and their referring physicians access medical care at Mass General. Each year, thousands of international patients from more than 140 countries come to Mass General seeking medical care, second opinions or treatment.

Our welcoming and multilingual international patient coordinators serve as a single point of contact before, during and after the patient's visit. As part of the first and largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, Mass General is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to meet the individual needs of our international guests.

Mass General is located in the heart of downtown Boston: a historic and vibrant coastal city in the northeastern United States. Boston is among the most diverse and welcoming communities in the United States, home to world-renowned universities, hospitals and corporations that attract staff, patients and customers from around the world.

Massachusetts General Hospital has a specific commitment to values we call Diversity and Inclusion:

“Diversity is the richness of human differences. Inclusion is when everyone feels connected, valued and engaged. At Massachusetts General Hospital, we believe that because of diversity we excel; through inclusion we respect; focused on equity we serve, heal, educate and innovate.”

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International Patient Center

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