The International Patient Center at Mass General is a full-service office that helps patients and their families navigate care and logistics with Mass General

Welcome to the International Patient Center at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The International Patient Center at Mass General is a full-service office that helps patients and their families navigate care and logistics with Mass General. Our welcoming and multilingual international patient liaisons serve as a single point of contact before, during and after the patient's visit. Throughout our patients’ journeys, the International Patient Center team is dedicated to helping patients navigate Mass General, and ensuring their visit is as comforting and stress-free as possible.

Full-Service Assistance for International Patients & Families 

We understand the stress associated with illness, particularly when treatment is received outside of one’s home country. Patients will be paired with an international patient liaison who serves as a single point of contact before, during and after the patient’s visit. We hope you’ll allow us to do the hard work of coordination, while you do the greater task of healing. Here are some of the key services we offer:

Appointments and Scheduling

  • Schedule initial consultations and diagnostic testing based on your clinical needs
  • Work with the patient or referring physician to collect medical records and share them with clinical team prior to the patient’s initial consultation
  • Collaborate with the Mass General clinical team to schedule follow-up appointments, surgery, clinical trial participation or other treatment options as recommended by your physicians
  • Coordinate the admissions process if a hospital admission is required
  • Provide cost of care estimates
  • Leverage internal expertise and relationships with international insurance companies
  • Coordinate with foreign Embassies and Ministries of Health as needed

Transportation and Lodging

  • Arrange transportation, including airport pickup and ground or air ambulance services to Mass General, if requested
  • Assist with long- and short-term lodging arrangements for patients and their families.
    • We recommend booking accommodations after your appointments are scheduled. The length of stay depends on the condition and treatment, but we generally suggest allotting 7 to 10 days in case additional testing or treatments are needed after your initial consultations.
    • Our team works with several apartment complexes and hotels near Mass General who cater specifically to international patients at Mass General. Often, we can help you find a longer-term housing option at a more preferred rate than you might normally find by booking this alone.
    • Premium inpatient accommodations are available at the hospital’s Phillips House.

Concierge and Language Services

  • Concierge service for any questions, needs or concerns you might have such as:
    • Childcare services during your appointments
    • Pet arrangements
    • Restaurant recommendations
    • Shopping and entertainment
    • Tickets to professional sporting events or concerts
    • Tours of historic and landmark sites around Boston
    • Clothing needs during inclement weather
  • Complimentary language interpreters will be available to you throughout your appointments at Mass General. Our nationally-trained and certified medical interpreters assist patients and families who are limited English proficient as well as those who are deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Any other needs, simply ask us, we’re here to assist you

Financial Matters

Mass General recognizes that payment for care and discussions regarding finances and insurance are a necessary, but at times, delicate aspect of any medical visit. Your patient liaison and our staff at the International Patient Center will assist you with any financial or insurance-related questions that you may have, before, during and after your visit. In addition, you will be paired with an International Financial Liaison on our team who is knowledgeable about financial matters surrounding your care and how to work with insurance or financial institution in your home country.

Follow-Up Arrangements

Before you leave Mass General, your international patient liaison will schedule a final check-in to ensure a smooth transition home. During this visit, our team will:

  • Review any in-person or virtual follow-up appointments that have been scheduled per the recommendation of your clinical team
  • If desired by the patient, arrange a videoconference between you, your home physician and your Mass General team to discuss your care here and continuity of care when you return home
  • Provide you with a full copy of your medical records to take home with you, which would include comprehensive details from your medical visits and/or procedures at Mass General, follow-up recommendations, and prescriptions
  • Ensure that you have filled or refilled any prescription medications or purchased recommended medical equipment prior to departing Mass General
  • Verify that your home address and contact information on file is correct and up-to-date so we can reach you once you return home
  • Resolve any remaining questions, concerns or uncertainties you or your loved ones might have before departing

International Concierge Medicine

Mass General has an International Concierge Medicine offering for those interested in ongoing, longitudinal primary care. Learn more >

And More

We are here to help with any need—big or small—before, during and after your visit to Mass General. Please feel empowered to ask your International Patient Center team any questions and at any time.