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The research mission of the Division of Gastroenterology is to advance the understanding, diagnosis, treatment & prevention of diseases of the digestive tract. Narrow your search for a program by using the search box and/or filters.
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Clinical Core

The CSIBD Clinical Core provides an infrastructure to facilitate the translation of basic research findings into a clinical setting.

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GI Cancers – Daniel C. Chung Laboratory

Our laboratory seeks to gain new insights into the molecular pathogenesis of tumors of the GI tract. Our particular areas of interest are colon cancer, neuroendocrine tumors, angiogenesis, hypoxia, hereditary cancers, and genetic instability. We seek to identify molecular targets that can ultimately guide therapeutic strategies.

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Dougan Lab

My lab is focused on understanding the complex interaction between the immune system and cancer, focusing on the balance between protective antitumor immunity and immunotherapy toxicities.

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Human Genetics and Microbiome Core

The Human Genetics and Microbiome Core strives to provide the CSIBD community with the power of current and emerging ‘omics technology to accelerate research on multiple aspects of IBD and other digestive diseases.

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Cell Circuits and Immunology Core

Our core provides CSIBD with cost-effective access to crucial instruments, reagents, protocols, training and education.

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Lauer Laboratory: Immunology of Viral Infections in Humans

Understanding the human immune response against viruses, with a focus on T-cell responses targeting human hepatotropic viruses (Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), Hepatitis B Virus (HBV), HCV/HIV co-infection). Establishing the groundwork for rational design of antiviral vaccines and immunotherapies.

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Cellular and In Vivo Models Core

Provides investigators with the technical support, expertise and access to instrumentation for morphological and cell biological studies related to IBD.

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