Recent news and announcements from the Medical Practice Evaluation Center at Massachusetts General Hospital.

MGH Research Scholar is a Determined Policy Advocate

Rochelle Walensky, MD, MPH, chief of the Division of Infectious Disease and an MGH Research Scholar, discusses her congressional testimony, public health advocacy and the shifting challenges of infectious disease.

Measles: Protection is Key to Stopping Outbreaks

An infectious disease specialist at Mass General says vaccinations have made measles a rarity in the United States, although risks remain.

Drs. Kimberly Blumenthal and Emily Hyle Receive Claflin Distinguished Scholars Awards

Drs. Kimberly Blumenthal and Emily Hyle received the prestigious Claflin Distinguished Scholars Award in 2018.

Can Beauty Salons Connect South African Women to Live Saving Health Services?

If you've ever spent time in a beauty salon, you know that hair stylists give their clients more than just a new cut, color or style. They often serve as friends and confidants, dispensing advice on relationships, family and work challenges. But could they also help to prevent unwanted pregnancies and stop the spread of a deadly disease?

That's the question Massachusetts General Hospital researcher Ingrid Bassett, MD, MPH, will be exploring in a pilot study in the township of Umlazi near Durban, South Africa.