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The main focus in my laboratory is to study the mechanism of the trafficking of a water channel protein, AQP2. Specifically, we are investigating how AQP2 interacts with cellular trafficking machinery during endocytosis, exocytosis and recycling in cells; what the role of differential phosphorylation of AQP2 in regulated and constitutive recycling of AQP2, how polarity and extracellular matrix (ECM) affects the trafficking of AQP2. We are also interested in studying the mechanism of renal epithelial cell regeneration and differentiation during tubular repair/remodeling after tubular injury. We are taking comprehensive approaches and applying multiple model systems, including in vitro 3D culture, in vivo live image technology, in vitro organ culture, in vivo live image technology, in vitro organ culture/tissue slice culture, isolated kidney perfusion, mouse models and zebrafish models to study protein trafficking/epithelial polarity/remodeling in various kidney disease contexts.

My clinical interests are acute kidney injury, proteinuric kidney diseases, hypertension, electrolyte abnormalities and management of various chronic kidney diseases and dialysis.


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