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    Arnaout Laboratory: M. Amin Arnaout

    The M. Amin Arnaout laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital researches the molecular basis of human disease to guide development of new and safer therapies, using genetics, genomics, biochemistry, cell biology, structural and computational biology and animal models.

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    Breton Laboratory: Sylvie Breton, PhD

    The Sylvie Breton Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital studies the regulation of epithelial cells in the urogenital tract. Our main areas of interest are acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease, male infertility, cystic fibrosis, and pH homeostasis.

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    Nigwekar Lab: Sagar Nigwekar, MD, MMSc

    The primary research focus of this lab at Massachusetts General Hospital is calciphylaxis (also known as calcific uremic arteriolopathy) and it aims to develop effective treatments and diagnostic tests for patients with calciphylaxis. I am also conducting research in the areas of hyponatremia, nephrolithiasis, and olfaction-malnutrition.

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    Rhee Laboratory: Eugene Ree, MD Endocrine/Nephrology Research

    The Eugene Rhee Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital studies renal metabolism with the goal of understanding how alterations in energy metabolism contribute to kidney disease pathogenesis and its complications and to discover metabolite markers of CKD progression.

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