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My primary research focus is calciphylaxis (also known as calcific uremic arteriolopathy) and it aims to develop effective treatments and diagnostic tests for patients with calciphylaxis.

Calciphylaxis, a dermal arteriolar calcification disorder, has significant mortality and morbidity. I am leading multiple research studies in calciphylaxis patients. These studies address risk factors and pathogenesis of calciphylaxis and guide development and examination of novel treatments and diagnostic modalities for this highly fatal disease. Our team is currently enrolling patients in the first ever randomized controlled trial for calciphylaxis wherein we are testing vitamin K supplementation as a potential therapy. More details regarding this trial are available at Clinicaltrials.gov.

Our team also aims to apply the knowledge gained from calciphylaxis research to investigate other forms of vascular calcifications.

I am also involved in the epidemiological and translational investigations in the areas of hyponatremia, nephrolithiasis and olfaction-malnutrition.

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